04 July 2009

Happy 4th

Liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood.

--John Adams, A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law, 1765

03 July 2009

Man I needed this

Police: Conn. teens mishear sex screams, beat man

TORRINGTON, Conn. (AP) - Police say a Connecticut girl overheard her mother's screams during sex and thought she was being assaulted, so she rounded up some friends to attack the woman's companion.
A 16-year-old girl who lives in the same Torrington home as the 34-year-old woman overheard her and the man on June 6 and rounded up four friends to stop what they thought was an attack, police Lt. Bruce Whiteley said Thursday.

One of the five teens beat the man with a bat and others punched him, police said. The man was treated at a hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening, and was released that night.
And for the punchline:
"Apparently he didn't have time to explain himself...."
I admit it. I giggled.

02 July 2009


this doesn't infuriate you, nothing will.

It would seem that the assholes running Congress, the same assholes who chastised the big 3's execs for flying on private planes to speak to Congress, are spending a metric ass ton of our money on fun trips across the world.

Take a look at that chart, folks - that's OUR money these people are spending - 12.5 million dollars! Up significantly since the Democrats took over congress in 2006.

Lawmakers say that the trips are a good use of government funds because they allow members of Congress and their staff members to learn more about the world, inspect U.S. assets abroad and forge better working relationships with each other.
In mid-June, Sen. Daniel Inouye (D., Hawaii) led a group of a half-dozen senators and their spouses on a four-day trip to France for the biennial Paris Air Show. An itinerary for the event shows that lawmakers flew on the Air Force's version of the Boeing 737, which costs $5,700 an hour to operate. They stayed at the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand Hotel, which advertises rooms from $460 a night.
That's right, dear readers. The rooms STARTED at $460 a night. How much do you spend on your vacations?

Often, lawmakers combine trips to war zones with visits to more tranquil spots. In February, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a delegation of Democratic lawmakers to visit U.S. troops in Afghanistan for a day. Before landing in Kabul, the eight lawmakers and their entourage of spouses and aides spent eight days in Italy, spending $57,697 on hotels and meals.
Think about this, folks. 8 days and nearly 60 grand of OUR money these weasels are spending! That's over 7 grand a day. How much do YOU spend on YOUR vacation?

It's not just the Democrats either, folks.

In October, Rep. Bud Cramer (R., Ala.) spent two weeks in Europe on government business. Reports show that Mr. Cramer spent $5,700 on hotels, meals and incidentals. Mr. Cramer wasn't running for re-election and left office just two months later.

"Knowing that I was leaving with my 18 years of seniority, I wanted to conclude some issues that I was working on," Mr. Cramer said. He now works for a lobbying firm in Washington.
Yeah, where I come from, Congressman, that's called bullshit.

These people get to Washington and forget they work for us. They have become our country's aristocracy, and they act like it.

01 July 2009

Our friends, the press....

What gets me is that the press is so surprised that our modern day Goebelles has been the propagandist that he is....

But I'll tell you. The look on Gibbs' face when Helen Thomas got involved was pure entertainment! I gotta give the old bat her props - I hammered her time and time again during her pestering of the Bush administration but it would appear to be she is an equal opportunity offender.

29 June 2009

Ya know....

one of the worst things about our dear leader is that he's making Bill Clinton look good.

I thought I'd never say that.

I remember when I was but a wee lad, around 10 years old, when Carter was in office. I remember how embarrassed I was to be an American - the only time in my life I could say that. I remembered how embarrassed I was by how pathetic our country had become (I was a voracious reader and read book after book about what's now called The Greatest Generation...) with Carter at the helm. I remember gas lines, and being absolutely positively petrified that the Soviets were going to bomb us into oblivion because I knew Carter wouldn't do anything about it and that everyone in the world knew he was weak. I remember hanging my head in shame every time I heard about some puny little country halfway across the globe that had stormed our embassy and held AMERICANS hostage while our government did nothing for a year.

I also remember that same piece of shit country letting our hostages go just minutes after Reagan was elected - to my 12 year old brain, I knew that Reagan wouldn't put up with that bullshit and that the rest of the world knew it. I also recall how proud I was to be an American again, that there was someone in the Oval Office who wouldn't bow to every petty dictator in the world and who was legitimately looking out for American interests rather than bending over backwards to apologize.

I'm really hoping that someone steps up and takes on the mantle of Reagan and gets the country safely out of the mess that Obama is making. But considering the dear leader is only 5 months into his term and how much damage he's already wrecked, it ain't looking good.

28 June 2009

Now that's leadership

So it would appear that the Honduran military has ousted its leftist thug President - a good buddy of the punks running Venezuela and Cuba.

In the good old days, the United States would have assisted the ousting of a leftist thug in our own hemisphere.

Well, those days are over and our dear leader today has issued a statement saying

"As the Organization of American States did on Friday, I call on all political and social actors in Honduras to respect democratic norms, the rule of law and the tenets of the Inter-American Democratic Charter."
The statement said that "any existing tensions and disputes must be resolved peacefully through dialogue free from any outside interference."
Never mind the fact that the now deposed thug in chief has stated he will not abide by being term limited out of government, just like his pal Chavez has already done. You will also note that our dear leader doesn't even have the balls to stand out there on his own - he has to follow in the footsteps of the Organization of the American States.

This follows our dear leader's "condemnation", if you can call it that, of the crackdown in Iran - but only AFTER both houses of the American Congress condemned the action.

That's leadership, dear readers. Express support for leftist thugs and leave those fighting for their freedom drifting in the wind.