04 September 2008

Rev. Jesse Jackson hospitalized for stomach pains

Ladies and gentlemen, when you're chronically full of shit, this is what happens.

03 September 2008

Home Run

I like me some Sarah Palin. After listening to her tonight, I was struck by how well she delivered the speech, likely written by a stranger, but delivered by her. She was nothing short of brilliant. She's an excellent public speaker, very graceful, yet disarming. She's honest to a fault, and has the family to prove it.

That was impressive, and pretty much seals the deal as far as I'm concerned. I'd drink a beer with her any time. Hell, I'd even buy it.

Even John McCain liked it. That was a great speech.

31 August 2008


Has way too much time on their hands....


Here's a little bit of advice to those folks livin' in NOLA.

Get the hell out of Dodge now. And just like Katrina, you've got no excuse if stay and take your chances...

Editor? We don't need no stinking editor...

Ah, the lovely folks at AP have screwed the pooch again. Check out this story just posted:

And the key error, right here:

The convention, a marquee event meant to send presidential candidate Dick Cheney into the fall campaign with a burst of energy and good feeling....
Cheney, huh? I didn't realize he was on the ticket!

And these are the same people we're supposed to trust with important details, eh?