24 December 2005

Merry Christmas

On behalf of everyone here at the Texican Tattler, I'd like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

God bless us, every one.

23 December 2005

Boy Scout Gets Knife Lodged In Brain

New t-shirt: "I got stabbed in the skull by my Scout leader, and all I got was this crappy haircut."

Family photo albums around the world are SO jealous.

Simon Sez Santa

Go crazy. Make sure you tell Santa to have a beer, and a cigar.

22 December 2005

Racism alive and well

It saddens me to see racism alive and doing well. Here's a couple of recent stories highlighting one of our national tradgedies.

Both Council members sited in the DMN story are black. I'd be willing to bet a jillion dollars that niether will be even remotely punished for their violation of the LAW. You can also bet that if they are prosecuted, it won't be because they're guilty, it'll be because they're black. Unfortunately, it's about all you can expect from Dallas politics anymore.

Council member clears outstanding liens
Dallas City Council member Maxine Thornton-Reese on Thursday paid more than $1,000 to clear up outstanding liens that should have made her ineligible for re-election in 2005. Also Online11/17/05: Liens should have made 2 council members ineligible The payment came the day after news reports about the liens, which resulted from code violations at South Dallas properties owned by Dr. Thornton-Reese and Council member Leo Chaney. Mr. Chaney, whose violations dated back to 1995, paid his fines early this month. "I went looking for it after people said it," Dr. Thornton-Reese said Thursday. "I've paid up the lien. That's all I have to say." Under the City Charter, council candidates are not eligible to take office if they owe the city money for taxes or other liabilities. Mr. Chaney and Dr. Thornton-Reese have both said they were unaware they had outstanding liens at the time of their re-election in May, and that the city made no effort to notify them. City records indicate notices about the fines were sent to both council members. City Manager Mary Suhm and City Secretary Shirley Acy said the liens did not surface during routine eligibility checks, the result of database complications. Until he paid this month, Mr. Chaney owed the city $515.15 for mowing, cleaning and interest. Dr. Thornton-Reese owed $1,063.84 for three separate clean-ups of her property in 2004. If Mr. Chaney or Dr. Thornton-Reese's campaign opponents had learned of the liens within 30 days of May's election, they could have filed an election challenge. But City Attorney Tom Perkins said the only recourse now is for the Texas attorney general or the Dallas County district attorney to initiate a "quo warranto" proceeding to remove a council member who they believe is unlawfully holding an office.
E-mail eramshaw@dallasnews.com

The next story is about a hate crime that will never be prosecuted. In this case, two black guys happened to rob, beat, and then drag a white guy behind his own truck. You can bet a jillion dollars that if the colors were shifted, this would be all over the news.

Sad, really, that we haven't reached the point in our society where you can call a scumbag a scumbag without regard to what color he is.

20 December 2005

Sounding off on snow sculpture

Follow-up on the snow weiner pic. You might be surprised to find out that some readers were not happy:
"May God damn this newspaper for running the photo of the snow penis online. I am no prude, but this display was truly pathetic and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Is this why you became journalists?"
Seems a bit harsh for a picture of a penis-cicle.

Oklahoma Woman Has 14-Pound, 3-Ounce Baby

Let's equate this feat with something most of us can relate to: a bowling ball weighs 16 pounds. Caesarean section, indeed.
A hospital spokeswoman said the baby already wears clothes made for children six to nine months old.
It's a girl.

Austrian mayor tries to woo Schwarzenegger

Now this is funny: Arnold's hometown says they're mad because he let Tookie get immunized from the human race, and threatens to change the name of the soccer stadium.

Arnold tells them to suck it.

Now his hometown of Graz says:
"I hope that very soon we'll hear you say, 'I'll be back,'" Nagl told the actor-turned-politician, one of Austria's most famous sons.
If they were in prison, Nagl would be Ahnold's you-know-what.

200,000 Hits

As it stands, we may hit this milestone tonight or tomorrow. I'll be watching the logs, and announce who the (most likely anonymous) 200,000th visitor is.

We gots lotsa readers. Thanks, folks.

TWA Hijacker Released From German Prison

From NewsMax.com

BEIRUT, Lebanon -- A Lebanese man serving a life sentence inGermany for the 1985 hijacking of a TWA jetliner and killing of a U.S. Navy diver has returned to Lebanon after being paroled in Germany, security and guerrilla officials said Tuesday.
Mohammed Ali Hamadi arrived in Beirut four days ago on a commercial flight from Germany, a Lebanese security official and a Hezbollah guerrilla group said. The U.S. Embassy in Beirut refused to comment on Hamadi's release or whether the United States will pursue his arrest. The slain diver's brother called the parole "absolutely disturbing."

I don't really expect much from Germany, but is it too much to ask for them to keep a terrorist who hijacked an airplane, killed a decorated Navy SEAL, and who was convicted of these acts and given a life sentence, TO KEEP HIS SORRY ASS IN PRISON?
I can only hope he will be picked up and brought back here where he can be given a first class trial followed by a first class execution, or that he dies a violent death at the hands of some of our operatives.

Texas utility to provide Internet over power lines

At first glance, this looks really cool - access the Internets through your electrical socket. Look closer, though:
Once completed, the grid will let TXU check meter consumption remotely and pinpoint problems before they become major blackouts.

TXU spokesman Chris Schein said Internet access was secondary to the smart grid capabilities.
Say what? I'm not too sure I want TXU poking around inside my business.

Think I'll stick with my fiber optic networking, thanks very much.


19 December 2005

18 December 2005

Caption Contest!

No tangible prize, just the admiration of your fellow blogsters, and the sheer joy of skewering our favorite leftard.

For example:
Cindy describes her first road trip in the car with Pimp Daddy.

Jack Anderson has Died

Who's Jack Anderson, you say? You gun nuts should remember him well. He's the "journalist" who insisted that the "plastic" Glock handgun was a weapon of terror. Here's a piece by old Jack his ownself:
While producing a TV documentary on terrorism that year, I picked up disturbing evidence of how easy it would be to smuggle a weapon into the U.S. Capitol. I wanted to prove, on camera, that it could be done, so I borrowed Dale's plastic gun. Then I made an appointment to meet Senator Bob Dole in his office in the Capitol and talk to him on camera about security.

I took the gun apart, put the plastic pieces in my briefcase, and carried three bullets in my coat pocket. Then, with the camera crew taping me, I sailed through the Capitol metal detector and into the men's room where I reassembled the Glock. In Dole's office, as he was telling me how secure the building was, I produced the gun and handed him the bullets. He smiled sportingly, but his face was ashen.
This piece alone points out to anyone with ANY knowledge of Glocks that Jack Anderson was nothing more than a bald-faced liar, who twisted and distorted information to suit his agenda. This single lie did more to help gun control than virtually any other story in the last 30 years.

I guess I'll have to lump myself with Richard Nixon, who had Anderson on his famous "enemies" list.

Yet look at the glowing obituary from Reuters:
Anderson is considered one of the major figures in modern investigative journalism, fearless in pursuit of a story. He won his Pulitzer for reporting on secret American policy decision-making that implied the United States leaned toward Pakistan in its 1971 war with India.
I'll say this for Jack: he certainly set the benchmark for modern mainstream media. He taught them that if you say something's true in the newpapers, then it must be true, the facts be damned.