19 November 2005

Iran, in U.S. newspaper ad, defends nuclear program

Ok class, multiple choice question here:

If a United States newspaper were to run an add explaining the nuclear (peaceful of course) ambitions of Iran, that newspaper would be the:

A. Washington Times
B. New York Times
C. Houston Chronicle

And the answer is......

Well, it's kind of a trick question considering that both the Chronicle and the Old Gray Lady are both big time moronic papers. But go ahead and read the article to find out.

And the question of the day is:

If your country is sitting on one of the largest oil deposits in the world, you need nuclear power why? Or maybe it's because of the nuclear bombs you're working on?

Yet another "NON" story for the MSM

Why is it the News Media will breathlessly report every US soldier, Marine, or sailor that's killed, wounded, or just fed up but won't report on the successes that they are having?

"As of Nov. 16, the weapons cache consisted of 150,000 7.62 rounds of ammunition, 600 propellant charges, 500 blasting caps, 400 artillery fuses, 150 hand grenades, 150 120-millimeter rounds, 125 rockets, 100 primer charges, 85 82-millimeter mortar rounds, 68 60-millimeter rounds, 50 plastic grenades, 35 anti-tank mines, 13 20-millimeter rockets, 12 RPG launchers, multiple barrels and bags of small-arms ammunition, seven unknown type of missiles, seven rolls of copper wire, three 60-millimeter mortar systems, three 55-gallon drums of fertilizer, three rolls of detonation cord, two 82-millimeter mortar tubes with bases, and one 82-millimeter mortar system."

That is a boatload of munitions and potential IEDs.

The best part of the story is that they were acting on a tip from a local resident. Winning hearts and minds indeed.

U.N. claims U.S. social system violates human rights

I wonder how much American money funded this study?

Anyone else think it's time to get out of the UN? Or should I say, has been for a looooong time?

ABC News: CIA's Harsh Interrogation Techniques Described

Boy, these sure sound harsh!!

The Attention Grab
Attention Slap
The Belly Slap
Long Time Standing
The Cold Cell
Water Boarding

Of these, water boarding sounds the "scariest", but hey, where's the bamboo under the fingernails, the pulling off of your fingernails, the broken bones, the cutting, the brutality, the hacking off of your head with a dull knife, the execution of captured prisoners? Oh yes, I forgot - that's what has been done to AMERICAN prisoners in the last few wars we've fought.

I think that what you're seeing is a continuation of the battle between the weenies in the CIA and the White House - and the CIA is coming out looking like a total bunch of pansies.


This emo artsy-fartsy fag can't decide what he's going to do. He couldn't stay in the U.S., because he hated his homeland and LA was "too violent," now his adopted country's got him running from his own shadow. Maybe he should move in with Michael Jackson.

Congress Rejects Iraq Exit Bill

"Our troops have become the enemy. We need to change direction in Iraq," said Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania, a Democratic hawk whose call a day earlier for pulling out troops sparked a nasty, personal debate over the war.
After listening to the Democrats politicize the war and show their lack of support for the troops and what they are fighting for by calling for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, the Republicans tell them to put their money where their mouth is and vote on it. Democrats respond by saying "Oh, never mind".
The House voted 403-3 to reject a nonbinding resolution...Like most Democrats, Murtha voted against the measure.

18 November 2005

Zarqawi: Wedding Bombing an Accident

The speaker on the tape, identified as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, also said the group's suicide bombers did not intend to bomb a Jordanian wedding party at an Amman hotel last week, killing about 30 people.
I guess he thought he should make the statement (not an apology) since Jordanians were protesting him and the murders.
Earlier Friday, thousands of flag-waving Jordanians thronged downtown Amman in the "March of the Nation," a noisy, emphatic demonstration against the hotel attacks.
"Cease, cease, al-Zarqawi, you are a villain!" the throng chanted. "Cease, Cease, you terrorist, you are a coward!"
"I came specifically to say to those terrorists and al-Zarqawi that we are all united against them. We do not want them on our land," said Ghazi al-Hajjaj, 43, who traveled from Tafila, 115 miles south of Amman, to attend the rally.
Al-Zarqawi also went on to say al Qaida in Iraq is not targeting fellow Muslims.
"We want to assure you that ... you are more beloved to us than ourselves," he said.
This statement is released the same day that they bomb 2 mosques in Iraq killing 74 worshipers. It's about time we see some outrage over there.

Dinner For Four

Last night at dinner my wife asked the hypothetical, "If you could have dinner with any three people, who would they be, and what would you have for dinner? One can be someone who has past away." I knew she was expecting me to name three politically conservative icons, but my answer was "The Girl, Catfish, and JR, and we would eat BBQ and drink Shiner Bock." I swear she must have gotten a raging head ache from rolling her eyes so far up in her head. She then exclaimed "If you aren't going to play the game right, then don't play!" I said "Okay, it would be Jessica Alba, Elisha Cuthbert, and Catherine Bell, and large quantities of tequila would be served." She was not amused.
Who would you dine with, and what would you have for dinner?

You're gay if you don't play!

Arrested student says it was art

In his blog, http://mishasulpovar.blogspot.com/, Sulpovar described his experiment as such: 'I go out to a populated, neutral, public place with an unzipped fly and what appears to be scrotum-like flesh hanging out. I would walk around seemingly unaware of this detail and note peoples' reactions.'
Big D, you know anything about this?

The guy certainly has flair:
Lieutenant Stephen Spear of the Webster Groves Police Department (WGPD) said the police were called to Webster after a report of indecent exposure. Spear wouldn't confirm the suspect's name, but said the suspect approached a table at the career fair with genitalia exposed through a pant zipper. After inquiring if there were any job openings with the company, Spear said the suspect then colored on his genitals with a highlighter from the company's table.

17 November 2005

Cheney says war critics 'dishonest, reprehensible'

In the sharpest White House attack yet on critics of the Iraq war, Vice President Dick Cheney said on Wednesday accusations that the Bush administration manipulated intelligence to justify the war were a "dishonest and reprehensible" political ploy.Cheney called Democrats "opportunists" who were peddling "cynical and pernicious falsehoods" to gain political advantage while U.S. soldiers died in Iraq.
Good job, Mr. Cheney. Please keep it up.

New Documents Reveal Saddam Hid WMD, Was Tied to Al Qaida

Recently discovered Iraqi documents now being translated by U.S. intelligence analysts indicate that Saddam Hussein's government made extensive plans to hide Iraq's weapons of mass destruction before the U.S. invasion in March 2003 - and had deep ties to al Qaida before the 9/11 attacks. The explosive evidence was discovered among "millions of pages of documents" unearthed by the Iraq Survey Group weapons search team, reports the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes.
Check it out. This lists the titles of documents that were found in Iraq that have to do with the development, funding, and hiding WMD, as well as a connection to al Qaida and the Taliban. Of course, the Bush haters out there will ignore this. They never let the truth get in the way of their arguments.

16 November 2005

Site Outage

Not sure what happened this afternoon, but we're back on the air. Sorry about that. Let's blame...BELGIUM!!!

Sorry bunch of waffle-eaters.

Midlands Most Wanted

• DATE OF BIRTH: July 29, 1965
• DESCRIPTION: 6 feet 1 inch, 165 pounds, brown hair and hazel eyes
• WANTED BY: Lexington County Sheriff’s Department
• CHARGES: Third-offense criminal domestic violence
• LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: 232 Stagecoach Road, Gaston
• ALLEGED CRIME: Police said Higginbotham argued with his wife because she had not cooked anything. When she began cooking, he started making spaghetti while eating crackers and squeeze cheese. They argued, and he squeezed cheese on the kitchen floor. She squeezed the cheese on his truck, and he squeezed the cheese in her hair before fleeing in his truck. His wife said she washed her hair before the officer arrived to take her complaint.
The moral of the story is don't squeeze cheese on your wife.

US retains hold of the internet

Al Gore was heard to exclaim, "BWAAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
Disagreements over control of the internet had threatened to overshadow the summit, with countries such as China and Iran pushing for an international body under UN auspices to oversee the net.
Gee, what could possibly go wrong? The only thing worse would be if the Internets fell under Belgian control.

15 November 2005


I can't remember watching anything in a very long time, that I enjoyed as much as the last five minutes of the Cowboys- Eagles football game last night. I HATE the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans. My true hatred started back in 1998 when the Eagles Coach Buddy Ryan had Randall Cunningham fake taking a knee in the final seconds of what was going to be a 30-20 Eagles win. They took a shot at the end zone. Interference was called on the Cowboys and the Eagles punched it in on the next play for an unnecessary score. The following year the Greatness that is Jimmy Johnson was in his first year as the Cowboy's coach when they met the Eagles in what was to be known as the "Bounty Bowl". I was at the game. Buddy Ryan had put a bounty on most of the Cowboys skill position players. They were taking cheap shots all over the place with the intentions of putting them out of the game or worse. They blind sided Zendejas, the kicker, away from the play and knocked him out. They also sent Troy Aikman to the sidelines with a concussion. They met again two weeks later in Philly where the fans threw snowballs with batteries at the Cowboys Coach Jimmy Johnson and Cowboys players. These are the same fans that booed Santa Claus and cheered when Michael Irvin lay motionless on the field after landing on his head and suffered a spinal injury. That happened to be Mike's last game. There are tales of beers getting poured on anybody that wears an opposing team's jersey including women and children. At the Vet they had a holding cell and a Judge that would arraign drunken fans that got a little too out of hand. These are not good fans, they are the sorriest excuse for human beings in the entire country and I hope nothing but failure and an extreem case of herpes on them and everybody in the Eagles organization. After watching shot after shot of the obnoxious Eagles fans dancing around in the stands for the first 56 minutes of the game, nothing was more satisfying than watching shots of those same people sitting in their chairs, silent, with there arms crossed as they contemplated suicide after McNabb threw the interception. Roy Williams returned it for what would be the winning touchdown. McNabb, a true tuff guy and team player has played injured all year trying to give the Eagles the best chance to win. He was injured on the interception play and aggravated the hernia he had been playing with. When he returned to the field after the change of possession, he was booed by those loyal Eagles fans. Classless.

I have one word for the Eagles fans. Scoreboard. The Cowboys dominate the series. Dallas leads the series 53-40. Dallas has faced no team more than Philadelphia and has defeated the Eagles more times (53) than all but two teams (Arizona, 55, and Washington, 54). The Cowboys won 11 consecutive games over the Eagles from 1967-1972, marking the second-longest win streak over one opponent in club history. The Cowboys have had 8 appearances in the Super Bowl and won 5 of them.
You people absolutley suck and I hope your team never wins another game.


So, um, wow. Any Cowboys fans out there going to one up this fine specimen?

14 November 2005

The Spudgun Technology Center - Details for the The SP9004

I'm on a weapons technology roll tonight. Fueled by oxygen and propane, with a laser sight and a bolt action, this bad boy makes the ultimate baked tater.

Solid Success in Speed-of-Light Weaponry

I'm thinking the Second Amendment covers laser guns, too. 27 kilowatts of energy for 350 seconds. I reckon that'd leave a mark.

Five questions non-Muslims would like answered

Dennis Prager asks five questions non-Muslims want answered. It's a good read, and it would be really nice if a Muslim were to answer them for us.

13 November 2005

Guns- Good, Winning Guns- AWESOME!

While visiting the In-Laws out in East Texas this weekend, we went to the Bradford Volunteer Fire Department's benifit BBQ. They were serving all you can eat BBQ for $7 a person, holding an auction of donated items, and they were raffling a Winchester 94 Ranger rifle. The 94 happened to be the same model as my very first rifle. From the long list of guns that I have bought and sold over the years I regret selling only two. The 94 and my first pistol, a Smith and Wesson 686. It took me all of about a second to get my wallet out and purchase 6 tickets for $5. Later, I was standing outside the roll up door looking at the VFD's new fire truck with my 5 year old when I hear my name called over the loud speaker, followed by a very loud "WOO HOO" from my better half who was inside. This is the second gun I have won this year. The first one was a CZ 75 I won at the Arkansas Sectional USPSA match. Nothing beats winning a gun.

Professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC

For a physics professor, you sure are a dumb ass.

Bombs took out the WTC, NOT muslim fanatics. You can rest easy now America, the islamists wish us no harm.

We now return you to our normal broadcasting.