16 July 2004

Phillipines Pulls More Troops From Iraq

What ever happened to real men? There seem to be fewer and fewer countries that have the cojones to do the job. Again, as I've said before, apparently, they don't seem to have remembered their childhood memories of life on the playground and the local bully. Let the bully push you around, and you're his bitch for the rest of your scholastic career. Stand up to the bully and kick his ass, and you'll never see him again.

16/07/2004: Iraqi PM executed six insurgents: witnesses

I can only hope this is true. It'd be a good start.

15 July 2004

Kerry Asks Sen. Clinton to Speak at DNC

What a mass of sniveling, whining losers. Ah, yes, the modern day democrat party at its finest.

Bush Skips NAACP, Kerry Promises Dialogue

Rush is right on this one - the NAACP should read the NAALCP. So, if you advance a liberal platform, and you're black, then that's ok. But, advance a more conservative platform, and you're black, then you're an Uncle Tom.

Further down in this article is a terrific example of the democrat's lunacy at its finest. John Kerry is trying to capture the essence of sitting down with someone on their front porch and having a little sit down discussion, just between neighbors. All the while, there's floodlights, cameras and staffers to tell the wannabe what he should or should not say. That's so typical of liberalism. They put on a great show, but it is hollow and meaningless at its core.

RestoreHonesty.Com - Take Action Now!

Hey, you would think that after a bipartisan (don't you just love it when the libbys use that word?) committee ripped Mr. Wilson a new A-hole that Mr. Kerry would pull this tripe off his website?

nah. Why let the facts get in your way.

Wilson contradictions leave Democrat senators speechless

Once again, classic example of the democrats failing to let the facts get in their way.

It would surely appear as if those famous "16 words" uttered by President Bush that the libs had such a hissy fit over in his state of the Union address were true after all.

some highlights:
"The committee found that the CIA report, based on Wilson's mission, differed considerably from the former ambassador's description to the committee of his findings. That report ''did not refute the possibility that Iraq had approached Niger to purchase uranium.'' As far as his statement to the Washington Post about ''forged documents'' involved in the alleged Iraqi attempt to buy uranium, Wilson told the committee he may have ''misspoken.'' In fact, the intelligence community agreed that ''Iraq was attempting to procure uranium from Africa.''"

Yahoo! News - Education Sec. Paige Blasts NAACP Leaders

So, I hear on the top of the hour news on the radio today how the NAACP has blasted Bush, yet I wonder why you don't hear about the President's Sec. of Education (who happens to be black, by the way) blast the NAACP on the same broadcast. I'm sure it's not because the national news media has an agenda or anything like that.

Kerry Didn't Read Iraq Intelligence Report -- Aides

Imagine that - John Kerry is calling the President down for doing something he couldn't be bothered to do himself. Hypocrite.

Passengers Give Troops First-Class Seats

Now that is first class.

Seagull Gets Artificial Leg Made Of Barbie Doll Parts

This is so nightmarish that words cannot accurately describe my horror.

"The crew, apparently inspired by peg-leg pirates, amputated the leg and created a new one with the leg of a Barbie doll and a big Barbie doll hand as a foot."

A peg-leg seagull with a pink barbie hand/foot. Remember Sid's toys in "Toy Story?" Shudder.

Rosie Takes Shot At Bush During Gay-Friendly Cruise

Yes, that's the actual headline on this story, which I didn't even bother to read.


I've always been terrified of the subway platforms in NYC. This is why.

Of course, I've never urinated on an electrified rail, either.

14 July 2004

Senators' letter touts assault-weapons ban

Feinstein and Schumer: boo frickin' hoo. Your "assault" weapon ban was a dud. It didn't DO anything. It was an expensive experiment that didn't turn out the way you hoped it would. Get over it. Buh-bye.

'Jeopardy!' Champ Racks Up $1 Million

I'll take "Hot Chicks" for a million, Alex.

Local man blows off arm with pipe bomb

This boy needs to find some other hobbies. Darwin is not amused.

11 July 2004

Warming Up Kerry

Ugh. I'm gonna need some insulin.

The media's effluvium over Kerry-Edwards is nauseating. Not since Donny and Marie have I had to tolerate such sticky-sweet sentiment. You'd think these two had just rescued Baby Jessica from the well. Truth be told, they're deadly dangerous to our Republic. Don't buy it, people - they're not what they want you to believe.