08 April 2005

Summer is here in Texas!

I love Texas. For the last month we have had beautiful weather with only a couple of days of rain. Another thing you can always count on here is women showing off a little skin. I am a big fan of women showing off their belly buttons.

I am no fan of this, although I do like the snoopy socks!

Big D's New Blaster

I finally took delivery of my new baby. It is an STI framed Rock Ranch Custom. As it sits right now it shoots .45 acp, but I also had a .40 S&W top fitted. I'll shoot the .45 in IDPA and the .40 in USPSA.

Child Shot in the Face

This is beyond ludicrous now. This is NEWS in the UK. A 12-year-old boy had a BB gun, and *gasp* almost put another child's eye out. Actually, he missed her eye, BUT IT LEFT HER WITH REDNESS AND SWELLING ON HER FACE. Where will this insanity end?

I have a friend who still carries a BB in his side. That shooting did not make the news in Garland, TX. In fact, it was a crappy shot, and he only got hit because he was slow. Noboby called the police, there was no investigation. In fact, I'm not even sure there was a band-aid involved.

Britain is breeding a nation of pwussies. I think it's time to ban shadows in the UK - they're already scared of them. Grow up, you big nancies.

06 April 2005

More guns not the answer (HamptonRoads.com/Pilot Online)

This editorial made me laugh. Out loud.


Oregon State Daily Barometer Online - Don't throw out the antivenom, just in case

"The NRA is often attacked for defending the private ownership of assault weapons. They are insulted as lunatic hate-mongers who just love violence and death and big mean guns that kill. I'm not going to examine whether or not that's true or accurate.
I don't care.
The issue here is that the NRA's main message, that it is defending the intent of the Second Amendment, is dead on."
This article is pretty darned good. It starts out reading like an anti-gun tirade, but keep on.
The right of the people to own weaponry is predicated upon the notion that a well-regulated militia is necessary to our very security.

Now, ask yourself when it was that our national security was last threatened by a mule deer or a covey of quail?

Obviously, never.
I sincerely hope this country never has to suffer a second Civil War, but I also hope I'm never bitten by a rattlesnake.

That doesn't mean, however, that I support destroying the world stock of antivenom.

A well-armed public, much like antivenom, is good to have, just in case.

04 April 2005

ABC News: Colo. Cracks Down on Left-Lane Dawdling

You know, this is against the law in Texas, too. Problem is, there's too damned many foreigners here that don't know that.

I have a suggestion: drag them out of the car, and shoot them on the spot.

It's a start.

Mark Alexander: The 'Gun Problem'

"What was the problem? Leftists brace yourself: It was not a gun problem, but a culture problem. Amazingly, Barnes inadvertently touched on this problem, saying, 'Our leaders are preaching about the culture of life. They should spend the same amount of energy taking steps to stop our nation's culture of death.' Of course, Barnes and his ilk think the culture of death begins and ends with guns. Their silence on the real cultural problems is deafening. "
I guess the good news is that the Brady Bunch and their ilk are having to resort to more shrill and ludicrous claims in a feeble attempt to advance their agenda. The bad news is that they choose to take advantage of every single opportunity to get themselves in the media and spout their gibberish. Alexander does a good job of fisking the latest rhetoric surrounding the Red Lake shootings.
Of course, focusing on inanimate objects like guns is far easier than focusing on cultural problems, particularly since many of the problems in question are the result of Leftist doctrines -- like parents (particularly fathers) who have abdicated the responsibility for raising responsible and moral children to government schools. The cultural consequences of renouncing that responsibility are exacerbated by the phony "Wall of Separation" arguments, which Left judicial activists have used to eliminate religious (read: "moral") training from those schools, and remove the Ten Commandments in principle and substance.
Why do kids kill today? Because nobody's teaching them that it's WRONG.