03 November 2007

And just when you thought

that all hope was lost in our society....

After posting on the poor little kid in the story below, I was not feeling too good about what our society has become.

So I go about my business on this lovely Saturday afternoon to the local Academy. I pull into the Academy parking lot, which it shares with a lot of other stores along the strip center. First of the big stores is a Toys R Us. There is a massive traffic jam. Cars not moving, people crowding all around the front of the store, it was a veritable parking lot and traffic was barely crawling along.

I'm getting pissed because I suspect some new Xbox or Playstation game being released causing all the problems. I get closer to the crowd and there standing in front of Toys R Us are two Marines.

They're in their dress blues. Looking SHARP. The traffic jam had ensued because everyone, and I mean, everyone who passed by these two Devil Dogs stopped to shake their hand, give them a hug or pat them on the back. Cars were stopping with people giving thumbs up and well wishes to the two young Marines.

I instantly gave thanks that I live in Texas, and can't help but believe that maybe there's hope for us after all.

Get the waaaambulance

It would seem that our easily insulted, PC society strikes yet again. A poor misunderstood, mistreated, and insulted kid got his widdle feelings all in a knot over the use of the "N" word in class. One of the best literary works in the history of our once fair country, Huck Finn, was being discussed and this poor widdle cretin got all worked up over the "N" word as discussed in the book.

As a result of this poor child's widdle feelings getting hurt, the entire staff gets to undergo some sensitivity training; ain't that grand? I heard one of the local radio stations mention that this little turd's family wanted the school to stop using Huckleberry Finn in school altogether. I suppose, considering that his family is muslim, that it's OK to teach the koran where beheading infidels, subjugating women and raping children is acceptable behavior?

You know, I think that as a society, many of our fellow citizens go walking around looking for a way to be offended. I say, grow some testicles, don't be such a titty baby, cowboy up and soldier on. I could also say to this ingrate that he's more than welcome to go to school in some suck ass 3rd world islamic country and not have to worry about being offended by Mark Twain.

02 November 2007

A nice pair

AK-47 and AK-74.

Been a while since we posted any good gun porn. I especially like the wood furniture on the 74. Kinda sexy.

Cyber Jihad in November!

Attackers would download Jihad 2.0 to their own desktops and specify the amount of bandwidth they would like to consume, not unlike the SETI@home software package used to scan for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Needless to say, nobody's really worried that a bunch of goat-smelling morons with 3-year-old software will actually inflict any harm. But they do have grand plans:
The attack was reported by DEBKAfile, an online military intelligence magazine. Citing anonymous "counter-terror sources," DEBKAfile said it had intercepted an "internet announcement" calling for a volunteer-run online attack against 15 targeted sites starting 11 November. The operation is supposed to expand after its launch date until "hundreds of thousands of Islamist hackers are in action against untold numbers of anti-Muslim sites," the magazine reported.
"Islamist hackers" just doesn't resonate, does it? Of course, I really get a kick out of their rhetoric and their huffing and puffing. It's pretty comical, but it sounds scary. But what if they really DO have a staff of l33t h@xors that will reign electronic death from the Internets? Let's hear from the experts:
Even if an attack is planned, it would likely be nothing new, Evron added. "Cyber jihad on the level of attacking websites happens every day for numerous causes by enthusiasts. The content of this warning is doubtful. There are not hundreds of thousands of infosec workers worldwide, not to mention working for al-Qaeda," he said.
Bingo. Unless your average Islamic warrior is smarter than the dumb-asses that run around grabbing hot rifle barrels and swinging from monkey bars in full carpetry, I'm not too concerned. But you gotta give 'em props for trying.
This is not the first time that the West has been threatened with cyber jihad.

In December 2006, the US Department of Homeland Security's Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) warned US banks and financial institutions of a possible al-Qaeda cyber attack.

That operation, nicknamed "the Electronic Battle of Guantanamo," turned out to be a dud.
and failing, of course.

31 October 2007

Treeecks or Treeeats

Okay, so I'm a sucker for Halloween. I spent the better part of the afternoon reading "real" ghost stories, and the early evening scanning for scary movies. I gotta tell ya - TV has really let me down this year. What a bunch of lame-ass movies, like "Fright Night" and "Urban Legend." Hell, my grandmother's facial hair is scarier.

Anyhoo, I hate to be the guy that runs out of candy and has to hand out cough drops and Advil, then turn out the light. So I bought about $40 worth of really good stuff. That way, if the little beggars don't show up and claim it, I have something to feed the candy monster (that's me) for a few days at work.

Sunset is at 7:10pm. As of 7:30, I got nothin'. Nobody. Not one trick-or-treater. I figure this is a win-win for me - I don't have to get up, and I get to score 40 bucks worth of sweetness.

Alas, I had celebrated too early.

I love giving candy to kids (save the smart-ass remarks), but this year...well, it's different. It seems that the newest members of our great American society have fully embraced our cultural traditions, including the annual consumption of candy in the name of Satan. Oh, sure - the rest of the year they'd just as soon use nerve agent on us, but tonight - they want my candy. And they're not at ALL ashamed to dress up in traditional dress and beg for our infidel treats.

"TREEEECKS OR TREEEAATS" is the cry. Brown kids. Lots of 'em. Caramba. Hell, at least they're having fun, and they're polite, and they really seem to appreciate it.

Crap. Looks like it's time to break out the cough drops...

Late update: the white, teenaged Minnie Mouse got some extra candy. Red high-heels. Hubba-hubba.

Global Incident Map Displaying Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity, and General Terrorism News

Pretty neat little map - worth a bookmark.

Hat-tip to JR (the other one).

29 October 2007

Good Samaritans Stop Rape In Progress

The witnesses held onto him until police arrived and arrested him.
Continuing our series of idiots who get what's coming to them, this lucky contestant assaulted and raped a young woman. Some young men passing by in a car saw what was going on, and, um...stopped him.

Then they "held onto him" until police arrived.

Landingham should be the new poster boy for what happens when law-abiding citizens do the right thing.

now THAT'S scary

In the spirit of Halloween, I defy anyone to find a scarier group of photographs than you'll see here.