23 October 2004

Everything I Know Is Wrong: Will They Stop at Nothing?

A little more on the prior post. Mark my words - there is a polarity in this presidential campaign that is heretofore unseen in this country, and it is not a good thing. Excuse me while I make sure my ammo stores are up to snuff.

More Vandalism of Republican Campaign HQs

Cincinnati's Bush/Cheney HQ robbed and ransacked, and the Flagstaff HQ vandalized. This does not bode well for civil demonstrations should the elections not go the Dumbocrat's way.

Cher Issues "Bush Warning"

"'All the gay guys, all my friends, all my gay friends, you guys you have got to vote, alright? Because it would only be a matter of time before you guys would be so screwed, I cannot tell you. Because, you know, the people, like, in the very right wing of this party, of these Republicans, the very very right wing, the Jerry Falwell element, if they get any more power, you guys are going to be living in some state by yourselves. So, I hate scare tactics, but I really believe that that's true.'"
Wow. That is so eloquent. I hereby renounce my affiliation with the Republican party, just because, well, ya know, it's like...what Cher said, ya know?

22 October 2004

First Hooters Restaurant Opens In Conservative China

Hot Asian chicks in Hooters outfits?? hubba hubba.

Arizona Daily Wildcat - Coulter avoids pie in face - Friday, October 22, 2004

shocking. two girly boys try (and miss) hitting Ann with pies, and then they're chased out of the auditorium by girls?? yep, they must be liberal girly boys.

what was more shocking to me is the following:
"Up until the pie-throwing incident, Coulter's speech was uninterrupted, even though a few dozen protesters stood outside with signs." Note the words "few dozen". Look at the picture, there's like 4 people. woo hoo!

and compare that to the protest at Mikey Moore's speech:
"Following filmmaker Michael Moore's visit Oct. 11, at which students interrupted with vocal protests and more than 100 people protested outside the speech...."

So, there were more people AT A COLLEGE CAMPUS protesting Mikey Moore than Ann Coulter?? What ever happened to the statement that academia is the wellspring of all that is liberal??

I'm thinking this bodes rather poorly for Mr. Kerry.

Kerry the Hunter???

JFK's such a nut. Here's a read of The Discerning Texan's take on it.

Daisy Cutter: Herman Munster Endorses President Bush

Interesting endorsement over at Daisy Cutter...

No Flu Shot Wait For Some Prisoners


'nuff said.


The Thought Screen Helmet.
Hey - it's only 35 bucks, and it's got testimonials from real crazy people. What've you got to lose?

Two Arrested for Hurling Pies at Columnist

In Texas, hurling anything except kisses at Ann Coulter will get your ass kicked.

Texican Tattler Technical Trouble

The Tattler was acting up over the last couple of days, so being the geek I am, I started looking for the obvious stuff. Sure enough - low disk space. This has been rectified, and we should have enough space to last for a couple of years now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

21 October 2004

Castro takes tumble, breaks knee and arm

Have a nice trip! See ya next fall!

Fidel, you card - you'll do anything for a laugh.

MSNBC - Spain says terrorist plotted "biggest blow"

In spite of Spain's attempts to appease these extremists (who continue to ask for more and more concessions), they're still trying to kill Spaniards. Somebody tell me again what you gain by giving in to the demands of terrorists?

20 October 2004

Red Faces at Orange as Customer Gets Blue Photos

Camera phones are to personalized smut what the Internet is to porn. Talk about customer service...

'Those Who Bomb Fallujah Cannot Prevent Me from Bombing Los Angeles'

any moderate muslims want to speak out?? anyone? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller??

Anyone who doubts this is a war that islam is waging against the rest of the world check out what this lunatic is saying.

Rio Grande Artifacts May Yield New Clues

Looks like South Padre's been a party place for some time now...

19 October 2004

The Silence of the Domes

Check out this video of Edwards primping like he's going to the prom, resplendent with a compact. Seriously. Maybe he's going for the gay vote. Or the women's vote. No, wait - must be the Hair Club for Men vote. John Edwards. A man of the people.

Iwo Jima, if covered by media today - The Washington Times: Editorials/OP-ED - October 12, 2004

no comment required.

21 Arrested in Arlington Protest of Bush Administration AIDS Policy (washingtonpost.com)

"We are here to protest the failures of the Bush administration's AIDS policies," Cordero said. "There are 40,000 new infections per year in the United States, more people uninsured, more people who need housing."
What a bunch of idiots. Bush has funded more for AIDS research and prevention across the entire globe than any president before him. Pray tell what the heck the uninsured and those in need of housing have to do with AIDS policy?? .

How's this for a policy? GET A JOB, HIPPIE!

Saddam bankrolled Palestinian terrorists

But really. The war in Iraq had nothing to do with the war on terrorists.

You libbys just continue to bury your heads in the sand (or, just wrap a towel around your head so the ravenous bugblaterbeast can't see you) and it'll all be ok.

Yahoo! News - Poll: Bush Doubles Support Among Blacks

This bodes rather poorly for Kerry.

1. Percentage of black voters voting for Bush doubles.
2. Percentage of Christian conservatives for Bush triples.

However, the only quote in the entire story is from the DNC:

Michael Whouley, general election manager for the Democratic National Committee (news - web sites), said internal polling didn't reflect the Joint Center's results. "I think on Election Day you will see record numbers (of black voters) go to the polls and vote for John Kerry," he said.

Yeah, right.

Voter fraud case traced to Defiance County registrations volunteer

Make up voter registration cards for the DNC and we'll give you crack cocaine!

Now, let's compare this to the reporting of the meanies in Abu Grahb making the iraqi prisoners wear underwear on their heads... In that case, the democrats and the press were screaming hysterically for MONTHS that there was no way that the "lowly" prison gaurds acted on their own. They obviously had either A: direction from above or B: the lack of direction from above caused them to step out of line.

Funny that we're not hearing something similar in the crack case.

FOXNews.com - Politics - Privacy Experts Shun Black Boxes

FOXNews.com - Politics - Privacy Experts Shun Black Boxes

People are worried about the wrong things these days. What we should be worried about are insurance companies. These huge mega-corporations that control so much of our lives but answer to no one and dictate policy easier than changing channels on your tv.

For once I whole hearted agree with the naysayers that this technology will be perverted faster than a Jerry Springer episode by those same insurance companies. How easy would it be to have a data collection point set up to automatically download information about your driving? Things like speeding, seat belts, cell phone usage. Once this is done, your insurance rates would be automatically adjusted. The reason? Data collected from your black box says you speed way too much. And how much is too much? The insurance company decides. Any speed over 55 mph, and you're high risk. No seat belt, high risk. Talking on the cell phone is a distraction, so you are really high risk.

Think about how your toll tag works. Same thing. They could set up readers anywhere and everyday your information could be downloaded without your knowledge and used to determine your insurance rates.

And one step away would be to integrate GPS with this technology (which is already available and being used) so they can pinpoint exact locations of your violations so now law enforcement can issue citations based on this technology. Now we have two hands in the cookie jar. What an easy way to generate income. They could designate specific highways as dangerous and if you drive in them, your rates increase because you are in peril everyday!

Like I said, it's not Iraq, it's not Health care or Medicare, it's not even the election. Its insurance companies that have become more powerful than some nations. And once again, who do they answer to? The inmates are running the asylum. Don't think so? How can Insurance Company A make a profit of over 9 BILLION dollars and then declare a rate increase?

Maybe that should be my new venture, creating technology to counteract this. Kind of like Electronic Counter Measures for your car.

18 October 2004

Kerry's Leadership Skills

Great article over on Aldaynet.org. Remember when I questioned Kerry's claim of 56 bills passed in his career? I said it was 5. I was wrong. Follow the link for the real story.

The Kerry Campaign Photo Album

A single picture is worth a thousand words.

17 October 2004

From Greenspan, No Fear of Oil Heights (washingtonpost.com)

I'm sure that Senator Kerry will
A: neglect to mention this, but instead continue to rail against Bush's policies.
B: will appreciate the fact that oil prices are still lower than they were during the 1970s oil crises as all of his SUVs, planes, and boats will be cheaper to run in the near future.

Some Detainees Said Returning to Terror

I'm sure if we just tried to understand why they hate us, pulled out of iraq and the middle east, they'd just leave us alone.

My Way News

Hey, Kofe - here's a message - STFD and STFU. I'm sure you can figure out what that means.

Either you are incredibly naive, incredibly stupid, or incredibly corrupt. You pick.
"Annan said it was "inconceivable" Saddam's activities could have influenced policy in the countries concerned.
"I don't think the Russian or the French or the Chinese government would allow itself to be bought..." Annan said.
"I think it's inconceivable. These are very serious and important governments. You are not dealing with banana republics.""

RealClear Politics - Polls

now, you would sure think something like this would be making headlines somewhere, wouldn't you?? Especially the CNN poll, which has a 9 point swing in the last week. I'm sure it's buried somewhere on page 43.

Cliff's notes version is this - combined polls this past week show Bush up by 4.


I'm sure the DNC machine won't stoop to anything illegal or unethical, like breaking into RNC offices or anything like that. I have a really really bad feeling that unless this election is a blowout for Bush, it's going to drag into next year.

The Dallas Cowboys

This just in: the Cowboys suck.

I attribute this to a heaping helping of hubris. Jerry Jones is getting his come-uppance. You treat Tom Landry like that, you get what you deserve. Ever since the Clampetts came to town, the Cowboys have slowly spiraled downward. Buy high, sell low, Jerry.

Do us all a favor and sell short. And your stadium be damned.

CNN.com - Army: GIs refused mission because of safety concerns - Oct 17, 2004

Ok, I was going to remain quiet about this, but since CNN seems to want to make it part of the John Kerry campaign...

I've got an inside source, of someone who is serving overseas in the AO of where this 'incident' took place. Suffice it to say that this particular unit is not viewed in a positive light by other units serving with them. Suffice it to say that the reason their vehicles were "not right for the job" is that members of this unit have sabotaged their own equipment by cutting brake lines and putting water in their gasoline.

Funny how THAT didn't make it onto the vaunted pages of CNN. Maybe they're just missing Baghdad Bob too much to actually try and do some honest to god reporting.


No, no bias involved, none whatsoever. In their VERY OWN STINKING POLL, that shows the President in a 52-44% lead, CNN's lead story is about the bogus group that refused to go on a mission in iraq.

And people wonder why Fox News has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined.

The New York Times > Washington > Broad Use of Harsh Tactics Is Described at Cuba Base

Holy Crap. Let's get out the waaaaaambulance. Am I really surprised that this kind of bullshit article was written by the Times?? Wow, we made UNCOOPERATIVE prisoners strip to their undies, sit shackeled in a chair, turned the AC on, and blasted loud music. Granted, it was rap, which is enough to destroy most people's will to live, but you should compare the treatment our prisoners recieved at the hands of the iraqis. I seem to recall the group that Jessica Lynch was with were all summarily executed, after being brutally physically tortured. I recall reading about Andy McNabb's (an SAS team member who was captured during Gulf War I) horrific treatement, which included being publicly beaten, kicked, pissed on, shat on, spit on, etc at the hands of Saddam's regiem.

But, the New York Times is going to complain that we're making the detainees at Gitmo listen to rap music with the AC turned down. What a bunch of assholes.

Terror alert issued to Arizona school bus drivers

Remember those reports of Chechen terrorists entering the U.S. via Arizona's border with Mexico last week? Looks like the heads-up has been issued.

Clinton Expected to Be At Fewer Kerry Events (washingtonpost.com)

Dear John,
You're on your own.

Walk the Vote

This weekend was the Walk the Vote campaign for the 2004 Election. I sponsored a neighborhood walk, and talked with a number of folks I'd not yet met in my neighborhood. My estimate of their sentiment: I don't think there's a problem with Bush carrying Texas. When I asked if they'd support the President in the upcoming election, the response was either pro-Bush, or markedly anti-Kerry.

I'm actually very concerned about the polar opposite stances in this election. I'll start a post about that later, and give everyone a chance to weigh in. It seems there's very little middle ground this time around, and the 2 sides are diatmetrically opposed. Doesn't bode well for Election Day.