03 August 2006


Pretty funny video.

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

Outdoor workers can't escape beating sun

I swear I could work at a major newspaper. Here's a synopsis of this incredible piece of reporting: if you work outside, the sun will shine on you. Seriously.

Not only is this a fascinating news piece, but there's a human element:
She looks forward to going home to the Northwestside after a long day in the sun.

“I dive into my pool,” she said. “The first thing I do is get into the water.”
Must be a slow news day in Indy.

02 August 2006


I'm sure you've all heard, read, or seen reports about the tradgedy in Qana as part of the ongoing Israeli ass-kicking offensive against the terrorists.

I've heard rumors that the whole thing was staged by the terrorists, who have not been above using their own kids and families to get at the infidel in the past.

These pictures, in my opinion, go a long way towards verifying the whole thing was a sham put on by Hezbollah. Make up your own mind, but beware, the pictures are graphic and show images of dead children.

Castro Hospitalized

Click here for the truth about what happened to Fidel Castro.

01 August 2006

3 Guns, 3 X the fun!

For your viewing pleasure...

First person to correctly identify the 3 gun category this trio fits in wins a gold star!!

31 July 2006

Gitmo Guards Often Attacked by Detainees

Those poor mistreated prisoners at Gitmo.

How'd you like to have feces, urine, or vomit thrown on you? I am absolutely amazed at the restraint shown by our troops.

In my opinion, we should turn the Gitmo operation over to Sherriff Joe Arpaio. I'd be willing to bet this bullshit would stop within a week. Put 'em all in pink; get rid of the rooms and put 'em out in tents; feed 'em bolonga (yeah, sorry if there's pork in there fellas) and at the first sign of unrest, remind them who'd in charge.

But that's just me.