22 July 2006


According to court records and Anderson's confession, he forced the girl to accompany him into the house and tried to rape her, then choked her and beat her with a footstool. When he discovered she still was alive, he drowned her in a bathtub. He stuffed her body into a large foam cooler, pushed the cooler along the street in a grocery cart and dumped it in a trash bin.

21 July 2006

Euro Trip; part II

Leaving Athens we were greeted with yet another fantastic sunset.

It was easy to picture in my mind the great battle that took place in and around these waters - in the straits between Salamis and Piraeus - in 480 BC. In the first great defeat of Xerxes' Persian Empire, the Athenian navy defeated a significantly larger Persian fleet; setting the stage for the major land battle at Plataea where a large force of Spartans, Athenians and other Greek states annihilated the Persian army. But... I digress. Considering that the Battle of Salamis has been called by many historians as the most important battle in western civilization, I'm sure you can understand the awe I had for those waters.

After an overnight cruise to the island of Mykonos, we debarked and set out on a tour around the island. The main town on the island was also called Mykonos; and it was a fantastic little town right on the water with an ancient port.

They said the streets of the city were deliberately twisty, narrow and meandering on purpose, to get the occasional raiders lost and confused. Regardless of the reason, the streets and alleys were quiet pleasant, and very pleasing to walk around.

Mykonos is well known for its churches(Greek Orthodox), of which there were many. All of them were pretty tiny, with space for a congregation of only 20 or so people.

We took a quick boat ride to the island of Delos. Words honestly cannot describe the awe I felt there. Delos was a sacred island before the Greeks created their system of gods and goddesses. For the Greeks, they claimed their god of the sun - Apollo - was born on that island; in addition, other cultures also built temples there - the Egyptians built a temple to Isis as well, you can see it in the valley in the center of the hills here.

It was simply boggling to my mind to be walking on a street that someone else was walking on over 2000 years ago.

Simply boggling.

Next stop.... Croatia!

Man shot during robbery, police say

The sheer karmic beauty of this story leaves me breathless.
A man who tried to rob a Greenfield gun shop at knifepoint Thursday afternoon was shot in the chest by the shop owner, police said.
Imagine, if you will, what must have been going through a person's mind that led to this act of lunacy. "I have a knife, and I'm going to rob a gun store." Good plan. Only one problem: there are guns in gun stores, and gun store owners usually carry guns.
He said the store owner, 44, shot the man once in the chest and that apparently no one else was inside the store when the shooting took place. The store owner was not injured.
A Darwin Award nominee, for sure.

20 July 2006


Michelle Malkin talks about some crap, then SHE JUMPS ON A TRAMPOLINE.

You're welcome.

19 July 2006

Euro Trip; part I

Last week I was able to take a fantastic European vacation. My wife, father, stepmother and little brother took a cruise to the cradle of western civilization; leaving from Venice and sailing to Athens and a couple of small Greek islands; hitting Dubrovnik and then finishing up with a full day in Venice. It was simply magnificent!!

I didn't have a bad meal on the trip, was able to see some absolutely fantastic sights, and met a lot of nice folks; except of course, for the Frogs. It was nice to see that the ugly American has been replaced by the ugly Frenchman - who was universally despised by everyone.

Our first stop on the trip was to Athens. What can you say? Athens is the cradle of western democracy, philosophy, architecture and so on and so on. I think what stunned me more than anything else is that there I was, walking around where only a few thousand years ago people like Aristotle, Socrates, Alcibiades, Xenophon and practically anyone else from classical history walked and lived their lives. It was, frankly, humbling. What visit to Athens would be complete without seeing the Parthenon, the temple to the Greek god Athena on top of the Acropolis?

It was funny to learn that the temple was built in about 9 years time - but the Greeks have been trying to restore it for the last 20-25 years or so!!
A short distance away from the base of the Acropolis was a temple to Zeus - you could clearly see the temple from the top of the Acropolis and vice versa. Stunning. Simply stunning.

We then piled into our guide’s van and headed over to the main Greek museum in Athens. Again, all I can say is, wow. Agamemnon’s mask was there (although it couldn’t possibly have been Agamemnon, but the name given to it originally when it was discovered stuck…)

There were hundreds of statues there, and let’s just put it this way - all the stuff that you see in art books or history books - was in this museum. I am not what I would consider to be an artsy person but I was simply overwhelmed.

We concluded our day in the Plaka - a huge shopping and eating area that is among the oldest places in Athens. It’s here that I had probably the best meal on the trip - a gyro sandwich with traditional pita bread and shredded pork - but what made this gyro so damn good was the Tzatziki sauce, which is made from yogurt, spices, and sliced cucumbers. This Tzatziki sauce was completely different, and had some mustard in it, not to mention being a little sweet.

Next stop, Mykonos!

Cornholing tourney planned in Terry

Another great headline.

Registration will begin at 1 p.m. at Murn Park with competition beginning at 3p.m. The registration fee is $10 per team, and the tournament is limited to 64 teams.

Better Terry than me.

Garage door remote triggers man's erection

Seeing how I am usually hornier than a three peckered billy goat, a strong breeze might do it for me sometime, but never a garage door opener.

An anonymous Merseyside man who had an implant to "help with erection problems" has found he becomes uncontrollably aroused every time his neighbour pulls up in his 4X4, the Scottish Daily Record reports. "It's not funny for me, when I can't leave the house because I'm walking around with a big erection. "


17 July 2006

Deputies terminated after scandalous acts

I always thought the living was easier in places like Bandera, TX. Apparently, more than the living is easy.
Deputy Amy Price was relieved of her duties June 27, following a complaint filed against her by Bandera County resident Brett Day. On June 25, Day arrived at his Lakehills home to find his wife, sheriff's dispatcher Kimberly Day, hosting a gathering-of-sorts with sheriff's deputy David Moore, Price, another sheriff's dispatcher and her husband, and Texas Ranger Lance Coleman.
I'm guesssing it wasn't a Tupperware party.
According to Chief Deputy Don Berger, Day found his wife in a "compromising position" with another individual present. After taking photographs, a disturbance reportedly broke out between Brett and Kimberly Day, Moore and Price. Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a 9-1-1 call issued by Day at approximately 2:30 a.m.
Okay, maybe they were playing Twister.