14 November 2009

Every day

I say to myself: "Self, it can't get any worse than it already is." Of course, I'm referring to the continuing embarrassment and destruction of the country under the Obama administration.

Well, to show you how little I know, I present you:

9/11 Suspect to Face Trial in New York

I mean, really. Seriously? You've got scumbags who have already admitted to it. Scumbags who are already ready to die for it. But we're going to bring them to trial in New York City, drawing countless attention to the City again; drawing endless amounts of motions and dismissals by the asshat defense attorneys who are, I'm sure, chomping at the bit; bringing the how's and why's of our intelligence gathering to the public eye and giving the terrorist sympathizers around the world another opportunity to wax on and on about the evils of the United States. I've heard that al queda has already put a death sentence on the judge and jury for the case. Is that what you want, Mr. President? A trial that lasts years, that creates yet another target in New York City, and could eventually let the scumbags loose? You do not win wars against terrorists by treating them as criminals with their due rights. You hunt them down and kill them without mercy, without compassion and as an example to any wanna be terrorist scumbag. Mark my words. This will not end well.

If you managed to not have your head explode over THAT bombshell - get this: the messiah doesn't want Congress investigating the Ft. Hood shooter. Odd, I think. For one, you've got a Democrat Congress in your back pocket. You've got a news media that by and large is your lapdog. So why wouldn't you want Congress investigating? Don't give me the rubbish about wanting the investigation to run its course. I'm sure we all recall the rush to judgment by the president when one of his buddies got busted by the Princeton PD.... Something tells me that the president is well aware of the shooter's past history with jihadi sympathizers, imams - and not to mention the president's own transition team.... The messiah doesn't want Congress to investigate because he knows Congress can't keep a secret to save its own life... and I don't think anyone in the administration wants to public to know just how bad off the church of polictical correctness has bitten us on the ass.

And finally, before my head completely and totally explodes, Obama continues his world wide apology tour in Japan. I can't wait to hear how his staff tries to explain THIS bow to a monarch. Maybe he was just "shrugging" or "bent down to say hello to a shorter man" or whatever drivel they'll try to explain this by. I wonder how far down he's going to bow to the ChiComs when he meets with them?
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