02 December 2005

Cool Christmas Light Display

This is the coolest Christmas light show I've ever seen. Clark Griswold, eat your heart out.

30 November 2005

French woman receives world's first face transplant

French surgeons have carried out the world's first face transplant, on a 38-year-old French woman.
Now they need to work on spinal transplants. The market is wide open over there.

29 November 2005

It's a Christmas Tree, Not a Holiday Tree

While I was thinking about how to put my furor over the whole "Holiday Tree" controversy into words, I jumped over to Big Dick's Place. There is no way I can come close to matching his eloquence, so just go read what he has to say about it.
Nice rant, Dick. We pretty much park our car in the same garage.

Man receives 5,000 radio, TV channels with a dozen satellite dishes

And I bet he still flips channels and mutters, "there's nothing on."

28 November 2005

Attention Whore's 15 Minutes Are Up

Photographers focus on Cindy Sheehan in empty tent waiting to sign copies of her new book (Associated Press)

27 November 2005

Nothing Like Local News...

Ah, the holidays. A time for families to gather, get liquored up, and go to jail.

Here's some local fun from our sister city to the North, Denton, TX.

Bruce Willis comes out fighting for Iraq's forgotten GI heroes

I'm really starting to like Bruce Willis.