24 October 2006


If this story comes out as being true, then fat assed Teddy Kennedy needs to be tried, convicted, and hung for treason.

And this guy is a leader in the party that wants us to trust them when it comes to foreign policy?
Thanks, but no thanks.

H/T to the LawDog.

Sexy is the new scary

"Looking sexy is now considered normal, feminine behavior for a woman, so on a day like Halloween, women will take it as creative license to wear revealing clothing and no one can call them a tramp that day," said Donna Gough, an assistant professor of women's studies at Cal State Fullerton. "And for men, it's a day where they can openly stare at and drool over women in such attire without being called a chauvinist pig."
Apparently, Halloween puts people in California in some alternate universe where they actually believe this sort of crap.
At Santa Ana-based Halloweenshop.com, owner Rick Tuinenburg said sales of skimpy costumes have spiked in the past few years and the best-selling costume for women so far is, "basically anything with a short skirt." Of course, no sexy outfit is complete without the mandatory thigh-high stockings and garter belts.

"The message being sent for a woman is that you have to wear these costumes to fit in and be normal and be considered attractive and appealing to men," said Gough.
The male part of me says, "YEAH, BABY!," but then reality sets in. For example, if I were to suggest that The Girl wear a nice school girl outfit to our Halloween match, I'd probably get a punch in the pants. Girl - these people are professional scientists and costumers. They know what they're talking about. So get that pleated skirt out, and starch that white blouse. Nothing says "Happy Halloween" like dressing slutty!