18 September 2009


USPSA nationals are going on now in Las Vegas, NV. Funny little vid of something I've never seen happen in my life!

17 September 2009

Obama gives the finger

to some of our closest allies in the world.

The message is clear. If you are a dictator, thug, or all around punk like Putin, Oretega, Castro, Chavez, or Ahmandinejad, the United States is on your side and willing to abandon friends and put American interests secondary to those of the rest of the world.

If you've been an ally of the United States in the past, like the UK, or Eastern Europe, then you get the set of CDs that won't work in your system, copies of the Chosen One's speeches and oh yeah, forget getting any protection or support from the United States - you're on your own.

For those of you in Europe who were thrilled to have an American President who was well spoken and non confrontational, how's that hope and change workin' out for ya?

15 September 2009


And it didn't take a grant or call for community service to do it!

two students (from MIT, of course) put together a low-budget rig to fly a camera high enough to photograph the curvature of the Earth. Instead of rockets, boosters and expensive control systems, they filled a weather balloon with helium and hung a styrofoam beer cooler underneath to carry a cheap Canon A470 compact camera. Instant hand warmers kept things from freezing up and made sure the batteries stayed warm enough to work.

The balloon and camera made it up high enough to see the black sky curling around our blue planet. ... The intervalometer (interval timer) was set to shoot a picture every five seconds, and the 8-GB memory card was enough to hold pictures for the five-hour duration of the flight.

The picture you see ... was shot from around 93,000 feet, just shy of 18 miles high. To give you an idea of how high that is, when the balloon burst, the beer-cooler took 40 minutes to come back to Earth.

American ingenuity at it's finest!

13 September 2009

Up to two million march to US Capitol to protest against Obama's spending in 'tea-party' demonstration | Mail Online

Interesting perspective from another country that ignored taxpayers.

2 million people? Is that right? According to most US news sources, it's "many tens of thousands." If you're in government right now, you've got a right to be concerned. We the People are NOT happy with our leadership.

I hear we can fix this. Let's get busy.