25 September 2004


Another reason why the Internet should be turned off for a while.

Look, just because you can publish on the Internet, doesn't mean you should.

You should kick your own ass, BikerFox.

What's wrong with this picture?

Yep. Them jackhammer's is real bad fer yer younguns.


My thoughts exactly on "offshore" operations. Caution: naughty language.

Carter: Setting Date to Withdraw U.S. Troops Could Reduce Iraq Violence - from TBO.com

Anyone else hear banjo music?

From the man who brought you the Iranian Hostage Crisis, double-digit inflation, double-digit interest rates, the failed Iranian Hostage rescue attempt, the 1980 Summer Olympics boycott (NBC's still happy about that), and other innumerable idiocies.

Incidentally, the Iranian hostages were released the day of Ronald Reagan's inauguration, 444 days into their detention. Reagan won the election with 489 electoral votes to Carter's 49.

Now, whose policy holds water?

24 September 2004

MSNBC - Teacher Accused Of Putting Feces In Student's Backpack

Talk about crappy parent-teacher relationships...

Charge: Islamic lecturer exhorted Va. Muslims to join Taliban

And to think that we no longer have public hangings. What an asswipe.

USATODAY.com - Kerry vows multi-pronged attack on terrorism

yes - first, he's gonna tell them he's going to shoot them. Then, he's going to tell them he just wants to talk. Then, he'll tell them he wants to shoot them. While they're busy trying to figure out which side of the road he's going to be on....

Some wonderfully intelligent thoughts from Mr. Kerry's speech:

""We will win when we stop isolating ourselves and start isolating the terrorists," he said." Ummmmm, no, Senator - we'll win when we kill all of them. Isolating the terrorists will do nothing to keep us safe against them. Killing them all will.

"Strengthen and in some cases rebuild alliances with other countries. "If ever the United States of America needed to reach out instead of alienating countries, it is now," he said. Kerry said such action was "not a sign of weakness — it is a sign of strength, and it will make us stronger."" OK, how many countries are with us?? Is it not over 30 now?? Or does Mr. Kerry only refer to France, Germany, Russia, China, and Iran?? Yes, kind people, this is who I want running our foriegn policy!!

"Deny sanctuary and recuiting opportunities for terrorists." Ummm, are we not already doing this?? Interesting to note that Kerry has yet to mention killing all of them.

"Improve security in U.S. ports." I'm all for it. How you gonna do it Senator?? Let's hear some specifics.

"Hold Saudi Arabia "accountable" for terrorist group development there, and work to make the U.S. independent of Mideast oil." I agree - we should hold SA accountable and do I understand this to mean that you're all for opening up American oil fields in the ANWR and throughout the US that your eco-nazi pals have closed down??

""Wage a war on terrorist finances," including freezing assets of anyone or any organization "who is financing terrorism."" Um, last time I checked, were we not doing this already?? Oh yeah, what about kill the SOB's??

"Seek a "verifiable" global ban on the production of materials needed to make nuclear weapons and talk directly to North Korea about its nuclear weapons program. "We have to get serious about diplomacy with North Korea, now," he said." Yes, thank Blow Job Bill for that little issue.

"Improve global security of chemical and nuclear weapons, particularly those in the former Soviet Union. He promised to secure all weapons there within four years." Oh, let's hear the details!! How are you going to do that exactly, Mr. Kerry?? The FSU can't even verify where all of its weapons are!! And you're telling us that you will be able to majically handle this all on your own!? Pray tell just how you plan to do that??

"Make Afghanistan a priority again, because it's still the front line of the war on terror." Ummm, so, what you're saying Mr. Kerry is that we no longer have troops or equipment fighting the war in the 'stan?? Maybe you can ask your pal Dan Rather to do some reporting on the elections they're getting ready to have in the 'stan rather than bogus documents???

"Create a national intelligence director's post that included full control over intelligence funding and double the number of overseas clandestine officers." I do believe that the new director of the CIA was given this power today Mr. Kerry. Double the overseas agents? You betcha. Again, let's thank Blow job Bill for depleting our guys on the ground and trying to spy from the sky alone. Far as I can tell, President Bush has been increasing our guys on the ground since he came to office.

"As president, I will fight a tougher, smarter, more effective war on terror..." Typical Liberal pap. The climate is failing due to humans, we're losing the war in Iraq, and the Tet Offensive was a battlefield victory for the NVA/VC. It sure would be nice if the press would actually ask Mr. Kerry the following: "How exactly will you fight a tougher, smarter, more effective war on terror?" Is that such a tough question to ask????

Victor Davis Hanson on Dan Rather and Liberal Hypocrisy on National Review Online

smart man.

a snippet:
"Those who profess to be Democrats are reaching historically low numbers. Many prominent Democrats are hypocrites: Feminists Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton were uncouth womanizers; the principled war critic Senator Byrd cut his teeth in the Klan; and the self-proclaimed moralists Senators Harkin and Kennedy have both been caught in postmodern problems with the truth. Being rich and a lawyer helps too. Most prominent Democrats and their enablers are either lawyers or multimillionaires, and now often both. Running a hardware store may explain your Republicanism; inheriting the profits from a chain of 1,000 hardware franchises will likely make you a new Democrat."

Anne Bayefsky on the U.N. and Terrorism on National Review Online

can someone tell me how much money we actually send to the UN each year??? your tax dollars at work, folks.

FOXNews.com - U.S. & World - Watching the U.N. Oil-for-Food Watchdog

I'm sure that no one in the UN would ever have profited personally from the oil for food program in Iraq. Yeah, right. Can someone tell me of one instance - just one Burnie! - of a situation where the UN went in, and the situation improved? One situation where the UN went in and solved the problem. One situation where the UN ended genocide. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller??

James S. Robbins on Iraq on National Review Online

hey, look - the facts! Imagine a world where the liberals would actually use them!!

23 September 2004

Heinz Kerry helps Democrats raise $1M at Phoenix event - 2004-09-23 - The Business Journal of Phoenix

"In regard to the hunt for terror leader Osama Bin Laden, Heinz Kerry said she could see the al-Qaida chief being caught before the November election. " "'I wouldn't be surprised if he appeared in the next month,' said Heinz Kerry, alluding to a possible capture by United States and allied forces before election day. "

I LOVE it when they give this woman the microphone.

John Kerry, you sure can pick 'em. They might be rich and ugly, but at least they're stupid.


This is getting tiresome. The AWB was so effective. Blah, blah, blah.

"You remember it - newspapers around the world carried the story. It was the day after Christmas in 2000, just a few miles from where you live. A 42-year-old employee of Edgewater Technology, located in Wakefield, took an AK-47 assault rifle from his gym bag and gunned down seven of his co-workers."

So, um, let's get this straight. The AWB was in effect in 2000, correct? Exactly HOW did a criminal get his hands on an "AK-47 assault rifle?"

No contradictions here. Katherine Clark is the Democratic candidate running against Sen. Richard Tisei, R-Melrose

22 September 2004

Pacific News Service > News > Lightning Bolts and Thunder: How the AK-47 Came to Rule the Streets

This is hilarious. Not only is the story a load of el Toro ca-ca, it's poorly written fiction at best. For a chuckle, read the comments at the end of this "commentary."

21 September 2004

Kerry Iraq Speech Has His Camp in 'Fighting Mood'

what planet is Kerry living on? He does not have the gift that clinton had of lying his ass off and getting away with it.

Lightbulb Burns for 96 Years

We're number...um...two! Wooohoooo!

nbc4i.com - News - Decorated Soldier Reportedly Attacked At Concert

Terrorists in Ohio.

What's that, you say? Terrorists? How so?

Terrorists attack the innocent, without warning, without provocation. Cowardly savages that vent their misguided hatred on targets of their imagined wrongs are not worth prosecuting. They deserve precisely what they serve out. Revenge, swift and sure, with extreme prejudice.

I hope no arrests are made in this case.


I never thought I'd be linking to you-know-who's page, but here you go.

Michael Moore the cheerleader. It does my heart good to see such desperation. I love this quote:
"If I hear one more person tell me how lousy a candidate Kerry is and how he can't win... Dammit, of COURSE he's a lousy candidate -- he's a Democrat, for heavens sake! That party is so pathetic, they even lose the elections they win! What were you expecting, Bruce Springsteen heading up the ticket? Bruce would make a helluva president, but guys like him don't run -- and neither do you or I. People like Kerry run."

Mikey then proceeds to discount ALL the facts of the current campaign: the polls are wrong, terrorism isn't important, the swifties are all liars, Republicans are a minority party in this country, etc. Nothing like a complete denial of reality. After all, Michael Moore would never distort the truth, would he?