23 August 2006

Nuclear Apocalypse milder than expected

Of course, it's entirely possible that the professor misplaced a decimal point somewhere along the way, and that the Apocalypse is still being arranged for some equally important but perhaps less pleasant occasion in the Islamic calendar.
Heh. Silly scholars.

The Girl

Our very own Girl is celebrating a special birthday today.  Join us in wishing her a Happy Birthday.  And remember, she has a gun, and knows how to use it.  Very well.
Happy Birthday, youngster.

22 August 2006

Here's a story you won't see in Texas

Good God! What is wrong with the people of Olympia, Washington? I know the Pacific northwest is a liberal haven but this is way outta hand!!

It would seem the good people of Olympia are being terrorized.

Not by bears.

Not by mountain lions.

Not by wolves or coyotes.


Wait for it......


And to date, none of the sheeple interviewed have done anything more serious than buy mace so they can spray the cute little raccoons and get them to leave their poor little house cats alone.

The 'coons are even on a schedule:

"It's like a freeway in the back yard," she said. "It's like clockwork. They come between 9 and 9:30 every night."

Ok. Here's a newsflash to the idiots in Olympia. Go to the gun store. Buy a shotgun. Wait for the little bastards to come tramping through your backyard. Load the shotgun, point it at the raccoons in question, and pull the trigger.

Coupla nights of that and your raccoon problem will soon disappear.

Down here, we'd call that free entertainment.

21 August 2006

Lookit the big brain on me!

Here's something for all you bloggers out there: Windows Live Writer.

It's got a spell checker, tools for links, pictures, all kinds of editing tools, and it even publishes to your blog when you're done editing.  And it's free.

20 August 2006

Some hurricane season, eh?

Granted, we're only now getting into the 'good' part of hurricane season, but still, where are all the global warming freaks, including Al Gore and Bill Clinton who were trying to tell us all last year that global warming was causing all the extra hurricanes and that it's only going to get worse?

The slow hurricane season and the cooling sea surface temperatures might be somewhat surprising to the public. Media reports over the last year have suggested that, since global warming will only get worse, and last year's hurricane activity was supposedly due to global warming, this season might well be as bad as last season. But it appears that Mother Nature might have other plans.

Or, in other words, they don't know what they're talking about and were only pulling the crises out of their copious asses??

Dems in a state of fear

If you ask me, the constant harassment of Joe Lieberman by Howard Dean, John Kerry, etc etc is a sign they are truly afraid of his run as an independent. I mean, really, if they thought he'd lose, then just let him waste money and time and also cause the Republican candidate to spend more money and time on campaigning against two candidates instead of one. If they really think, as Kerry is saying, that the people of Connecticut have spoken and want Lieberman out, then what's there to worry about come election time?

Little ole me think the dems are scared to death of losing another seat in the Senate.