25 November 2006

NYT wrong. AGAIN

When will the morons running the New York Times get it?

Apparently not happy with tipping off terrorists that they are being monitored by the government, the people in charge of running the Times into the ground also refuse to recognize that self defense IS a human right.

...in a perversion of monumental proportions, the battle to extend that right has largely succeeded in co-opting the language of the Civil Rights movement, so that depriving an American of the right to carry a gun in public sounds, to some, as offensive as stripping him of the right to vote.

Newsflash to the Times: you're wrong. Again.

Take the Gloves off

I have been asking myself this a lot lately: Why are our politicians intent on making our troops fight with both hands tied behind their backs? As Victor Davis Hansen reports, the inability of our troops - hamstrung by their ROE - to target a Sadr, to kill Iranian and Syrian insurgents crossing the borders, or target "civilians" in the act of setting out roadside bombs is not helping our cause or making Iraq any more secure.

The world knows how deadly our military can be when it's unleashed. The question is, why is that leash on, and who's controlling it?

I can't help but draw a comparison to the fall of the Roman Republic. The battle of Pharsalus, in 48 BC, effectively ended the domination of the Roman Republic, and ushered in an age of dictators and emperors. Julius Caesar, waging a civil war against the Republic was on his last legs. His army was decimated and on the run. On the other hand the Republic's army, led by Pompey, was well fed, well armed, rested, and outnumbered the remnants of Caeser's army by about 2-1. All Pompey had to do was wait out Caeser's army and go in and pick up the pieces as it starved to death.

However, the politicians traveling with Pompey were weary of war and succeeded in convincing Pompey that they needed to deal Caeser a crushing defeat and be rid of him once and for all. Pompey's ill advised attack cost him the battle as Caeser annihilated the Republic's forces.

Now, we have all seen what happens when politicians wage war. They lost the battle for Rome, they lost the battle in Vietnam and their insistence on fighting a politically correct war - a war that gives the enemy more rights than our own troops - may very well cost us this one.

I have every bit of faith in our troops at home and overseas. They are the best of us. But our politicians scare me to no end.

23 November 2006

Random Thanksgiving Day posts

First, happy Thanksgiving - I hope that you're all eating till you can't eat and are surrounded by friends and family. Special Thanksgiving wishes out to Outlaw 13, who's out there protecting our sorry asses while the rest of us are sitting fat and happy watching football and visiting with our respective clans.

In this excellent article, we are reminded that we are indeed involved in a world war. And unless we wake up and pull our heads out of our collective asses, we're in for trouble.

This is the nature of our times. We are at war and those who warn of its dangers are being systematically silenced by our enemies who demand that nothing get in the way of our complacency with our own destruction.
If journalists, intellectuals, social critics, authors and concerned citizens throughout the world do not rise up and demand that their governments protect their right to
free expression and arrest and punish those who intimidate and trounce that right, one day, years from now, when students of history ask how it came to pass that the Free World willingly enabled its own destruction, they will have to look no further than the contrasting fortunes of Al-Jazeera and Dyab Abou Jahjah on the one hand and Le Figaro and Robert Redeker on the other.

Read it all, and then send it to your Congress critters.

World Net Daily tells us that at least one of the "humiliated" imams kicked off that flight in Detroit has ties to Bin Laden and Hamas. I'm sure that any relation is merely anecdotal and unimportant. Or at least I'd bet that's what CAIR would have us believe.

On the SKY IS FALLING front, the global warming quacks are going to have a hard time explaining how Florida is recording unseasonably cold temperatures, and has even seen snow fall in Orlando. Speaking of, just how WAS that hurricane season?

Finally, my lovely wife and I went to the new Bond flick last night and I've gotta say - especially after we've been busting the new Bond's balls here at the Tattler - this was one of the best Bond flicks I've ever seen. A good return to the action and adventure without all the fluff of computer animated graphics or special effects. The new Bond stays in touch with all the previous Bonds - there's a hot 1964 Aston Martin that makes an appearance; we learn where James gets his penchant for martinis "shaken, not stirred"; learn why he's always aloof with the women he conquers; see how Bond and Felix Lighter meet for the first time, etc etc etc. Good stuff for that holiday escapism...

Now, back to football, family and food. Have a safe Thanksgiving everyone.

21 November 2006

6 Imams Removed From Twin Cities Flight

All I can say to the holy imam is: You're an idiot. If you are as educated as you claim to be, you would understand why folks in America would be a little freaked out over 6 arabs praying allah is great on an airplane (or at the airport, depending on which story you read). You would also understand why people get freaked out when the 6 arabs get on the plane separately, and then congregate together.

You were embarrassed?? Tough shit. Why don't we take a brief, and I do mean brief look at the history your fellow muslims have accomplished when it comes to hijacking airplanes.

7/23 - first hijacking by the PFLP of an El Al flight
12/26 - PFLP attacks another El Al flight in Athens

2/18 - Palestinian terrorists attack another El Al flight in Switzerland
8/29 - PFLP terrorists attack an American airliner for the first time, hijacking a TWA flight

2/10 - Palestinian terrorists attack a bus at a West German airport
2/21 - PFLP splinter group bombs two airplanes in flight
7/22 - PFLP hijacks an Olympic Airways flight
9/6 - PFLP hijacks Pan Am, SwissAir, and TWA flights
9/9 - terrorists hijack a British BOA flight flying from Bahrain to London

2/22 - terrorists (believed to be associated with PFLP) hijack a Luftansa flight
5/30 - 3 members of the PFLP open fire in an Israeli airport

12/17 - an airport terminal in Rome is attacked and a Pan Am flight is hijacked

6/27 - an Air France flight is hijacked by the Bader Meinhof and PFLP

August - Pan Am flight over Hawii bombed by a Palestinian terrorist

12/3 - Kuwaiti airline hijacked by Islamic Jihad

6/14 - TWA flight hijacked by Hezbollah
11/23 - Egypt Air flight hijacked by Abu Nidal
12/7 - Abu Nidal group attacks airport check in counters in Rome and Vienna

4/2 - bomb planted on TWA flight by a unit of the Arab Revolutionary Cells

8/8 - bomb explodes on a C-130 in Pakistan
12/21 - Pan Am flight 103 blows up over Scotland

12/11 - PAL flight 434 bombed by Abu Sayyat
12/24 - Air France jetliner hijacked in an attempt to fly into the Eiffel Tower

9/11 - American Airline flights 11 and 77 and United Airlines flights 174 and 93 hijacked and crashed into the WTC, the Pentagon, and 93 crashes into Pennslyvania farmland.

So, to the dumb ass imam who can't seem to understand why on earth anyone would be remotely paranoid about his actions - I'll say - those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it and I'm damned happy that the passengers and crew took the initiative and booted your sorry ass off the plane.

20 November 2006

Anti-War Activists Plan 'Global Orgasm For Peace'

You know, I thought at first this idea had some merit, but then I read the 2nd paragraph and see that the couple leading this charge are a combined 130 years old.


Germans Probe 6 in Alleged Airline Plot

Not until the 9th paragraph do you even catch a glimpse that muslim terrorists like to blow up planes out of the air.

I'm sure the 6 "people" under investigation have absolutely nothing to do with islam. But then again, what do you expect from the AP, or as Michelle Malkin calls them, Associated (with terrorists) Press.

19 November 2006


Quick vid from stage 5 at today's DAPS match.

Great day at the range, wonderful weather indeed!!