05 August 2008

S.F. pushes legislation to promote good health

Let's nuke San Francisco. In addition to banning the sales of cigarettes in pharmacies, the nanny city has dictated more laws that are good for you.
The supervisors also voted to require chain restaurants to post nutritional information, including calories and fat content, on menus. This follows the creation of a program to recognize restaurants that don't use trans fats and an idea by Mayor Gavin Newsom to levy a fee on retailers of sugary sodas.

The board is also taking up legislation to dramatically curb where smokers can light up, including prohibiting puffing in taxis, lines for ATMs and common areas of apartment buildings. And Newsom wants to close some streets to cars on select Sundays so people can jog, hula-hoop and lay out their yoga mats on the pavement.

What's next from City Hall? A mandate to eat your broccoli and hit the treadmill 30 minutes every day?
Dirty Harry must really be pissed right about now.

Remember - liberals know what's best for you, and this is what happens when you let them run your government. California will destroy this country from within, mark my words. Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein are just the beginning. You Californians need to wake up, grow a set, and get rid of these granola-eco-yoga-cycle-green fascists before it's too late.