12 October 2006

Unthirsty - Find your happy hour.

Finally, technology that works for me. Looks like we could use some local support in adding happy hour locations. Get busy!

09 October 2006

Taliban official warns of Ramazan attack on US

PESHAWAR: The head of the Islamabad-based Al-Quds Media Centre has received an audio message from a senior Taliban leader in which he asked Muslims living in the US to leave the country as soon as possible "because God’s punishment would fall on America in the month of Ramazan."
Give me a call, and I'll help you pack. Buh-bye. Thanks for coming.

I swear, anything can make the "news" these days. Now we have some mud-eating, hut-dweller's wishful thinking being translated into "Top Stories." But I agree that they should all leave the U.S.