18 May 2004

The .0025 Million Mothers March

Mothers march for renewal of federal assault-weapon ban

All 2500 of them. Not a million. Not "thousands" as the Washington Post stated on page B-1.

Bless their SUV-driving hearts. I know they mean well, but most of them wouldn't know an "assault weapon" from a blunderbuss. There's some sort of paranoia about guns in general that these folks are having problems coming to terms with. There are no assault weapons in America. Just semi-automatic rifles and handguns. An assault weapon (as characterized by the AK-47 in most rhetoric) is an automatic weapon. Unless you're a specially-licensed individual, you can't own an automatic weapon. The ATF knows where all the automatic weapons are, save the ones that might be in the US illegally.

They're scared of scary-looking guns. That's all the AWB ever was: a ban on scary-looking guns. The AWB is just as irrational as its sponsors.
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