18 May 2004

Ok, I now officially really don't care

You know, I've about had it up to here with the national news media's continued coverage of the prisoner abuses in Iraq. I..... don't..... care. Yes, the idiot guards and anyone else involved should be punished, but to suggest this was an American policy is just stoopid.

Where's the coverage of the terrorists slicing off the heads of Nick Berg, and the American journalist last year? Where's the coverage of now confirmed WMD's being found in Iraq? Where's the coverage of the positive things Americans are doing in Iraq? Hell, where's the coverage of the atrocities that John Kerry admitted to committing in Vietnam?

I am sick and tired of the American news media trying to equate the same level of morality to a group of idiot MPs and the execution of hostages as well as the destruction of the World Trade Center. And people ask me why I never watch the nightly news? Could it be because they're idiots??

Or am I just another angry white guy?
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