20 May 2004

Where�s Kerry?

This is what passes for liberal hopes and prayers??

"If ever there was a moment for John Kerry to come out swinging, this [the prisoner abuse story] is it. It is the biggest story of the war, and he is essentially silent."

The prisoner abuse story is "the biggest story of the war"?? Un freaking believable. I guess the mad dash to Iraq's capital, the complete and utter failure of the Iraqi miliatary, the killing of Saddamm's sons, the capture of Saddamm himself, the discovery over the past two weeks of WMD's in Iraq, and the prisoner abuse story is the biggest of the war? Just how much Xanex was this woman on when she wrote the story?

oh, but there's more:

"The independent voters who will decide this election want someone who is bold, decisive and a leader. They want someone like John McCain, who even though he wears a Republican team shirt has been candid and blunt in assessing the fallout from this and other Bush fiascos."

So, if someone who is a Republican (apparently in name only) slams other Republicans, then he's "candid and blunt". But, if a Democrat Senator, like Zel Miller, comes out in support of Bush, then where's the coverage of that?

But, it gets better:
"Kerry�s decision-making style is that he calls a lot of people for advice rather than just go with his gut. Surely his instinct as a Vietnam vet must be to come out swinging with both fists."

Basically, what you're saying, Elenor, is that Kerry can't make up his own mind and needs other people to tell him what to think? Or is that rather shallow and mean spirited on my part? And, as for what I've seen of his instincts as a Vietnam vet, he learned to duck and run pretty damn well.

You know, I guess if I wanted to take the dumbass pill, I could be a liberal too.

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