03 July 2008

Feds consider euthanizing wild horses in West

OK, the mere thought of this, is one of the sickest things I could ever imagine.

Understand, I am not a horse person. I did not grow up on a farm. Nor am I a cowboy wanna-be. But the thought of some government-eco-nazi-bean-counter drafting a plan to take wild horses and put a bullet behind the ear is just repulsive and truly forces me to ask the question: Why?

We are talking about 33,000 horses. ACROSS 10 WESTERN STATES! Are you kidding me? Break out a map and look at the Western United States. Now imagine 33,000 any thing's there. You won't exactly be bumping into each other. Try 33,000 aircraft carriers? Nope, plenty of room left over. How about 33,000 skyscrapers? We could do that and another 100,000 and still not feel it. I know, think about this. How about 33,000 Mall of Americas? Still just a drop in the bucket. You have to get to the Grand Canyon size objects, to get close. I'm sorry, a horse is much smaller than that.

The state of Nevada is 110,000 square miles in area. That would be 3 horses standing on every single square mile of state. AND YOU STILL HAVE 9 MORE STATES!!! Are you starting to see a problem?

And yet, we have the bunny-huggers protesting deer hunting, sport fishing and Olympic archery. But hey, put one into ole' Trigger, pass me the shootin' iron, Tex!

This is simply killing for financial reasons. Don't ever say that deer hunting is somehow unfair and barbarian. The deer has more chance than a horse in a pen. An animal that acts more like a puppy than a man-eating lion. But hey, to save a few bucks, kill'em all.

And who is doing their books. It's costing the US Government 26 MILLION dollars to care for 30,000 horses per year? I need a job at that ranch. What kind of feed are they using? And remember, these horses are wild! They take care of themselves! All of this because the cattle ranchers have a lobby. Because ranching is big business and can afford to make us believe that 33,000 horses somehow represent a threat to our way of life and sure starvation.

Unfortunately, our history is repeating itself here. After WWI, the Army decided it was going to become a mechanized force and put down their faithful companions by the hundreds.

What's next, the Dept. of the Interior euthanizing Border Collies and Golden Retrievers because they shed too much? Because they pooped on your lawn? Gotta stop those pesky varmints before things get out of control. Is the BLM going to play "Whack a Mole" with every new litter of puppies? Think of how much money it would save the taxpayers.

This is disgusting! That's the only word that comes to mind: Disgusting.
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