04 July 2008

"We Won't Try to Pry Guns Away"

Some people just don't get it. Vis-a-vis Miss Lori Jefferson Foster of Dallas:
We won't try to pry guns away

Re: "Rejection of ban triggers new debate – Some use decision to fight other arms laws; others laud support for 'reasonable' restrictions," last Friday news story.

For those of us who believe that common sense gun laws can save lives, last week's ruling may have a very positive upshot. For years, the gun lobby has used fear to thwart efforts to pass sensible gun laws, arguing that even modest gun laws will lead to a complete ban on gun ownership.

Now that the Supreme Court has struck down the Washington, D.C., ban on handguns while making it clear that the Constitution allows for reasonable limitations on access to dangerous weapons, this slippery slope argument is gone. Life-saving proposals like requiring Brady background checks on all gun sales and limiting bulk sales of handguns can be debated without the distraction of: "You're trying to take away my gun."

We'll accept that gun bans are unconstitutional, but you'll have to accept that the Second Amendment now guarantees reasonable restrictions on guns.

Lori Jefferson Foster, Dallas
This, I'm afraid, is the next battle, one of inches. The gun-grabbers will now hyper-focus on nit-picking (wow, 3 hyphenated phrases in one sentence). I still don't know what a "common-sense gun law" really is, because if people had common sense, they'd leave the guns alone. Why are people like Ms. Foster demonizing guns ("dangerous weapons" - ooooh)?

I have an idea - let's make it illegal to commit murder, rape, robbery, theft, and other um, crimes. And let's make it illegal for felons and children to buy guns. What's that you say? All that's already illegal? Hmmm. Common sense dictates that it's not the weapons, it's criminals. What's a criminal? Someone who disregards the law.

Now, let's look at what criminals are willing to do: ignore laws, and break them while committing crimes against law-abiding citizens like you and me. What is a law-abiding citizen to do? I know - call 911! After all, in a life-or-death situation where seconds count, it's worth waiting several minutes for the police to arrive. After all, someone has to fill out a report, right?

Okay, so if the police don't follow you around all the time, seriously, what are you to do? Protect yourself? Heaven forbid! Say it ain't so, Lori!

Let's talk common sense. Why do you have a fire extinguisher in your house? Do you plan on burning your house down? No, you try your best not to start a fire in your home, but if you do, you'd at least have a fighting chance to stop it before you waited several minutes for the fire department to arrive, wouldn't you?

I don't carry a gun because I expect to shoot someone. I use common sense. I avoid places where I'm likely to have to defend myself, first. I'm aware of my surroundings, and I don't act or look like a target. However, if a criminal is still motivated enough to come after me or mine, I need to be able to prevent him from forcing his will on me. Common sense dictates that I be able to stop this criminal, and I have that inalienable right to do so.

This is the crux of the Second Amendment. I have a God-given right to protect myself, and no government may take that away. Moreover, the Second Amendment makes provision for me to protect myself with a firearm. I shouldn't have to defend that right.

Common sense tells me that more gun laws aren't going to help anything. Go find another windmill to tilt after, Ms. Foster. You're doing it wrong.
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