01 July 2008

That sound you hear

is a pin drop. Otherwise known as the news media's unbiased reporting on the war. Seems to me the media's been pretty damn quiet about the war as of late. Seems to me I heard that the number of deaths in the war is approaching the number of deaths you'd see annually due to training accidents.

And yes - EVERY soldier killed is a tragedy, so don't give me any BS about not giving a damn.

Seems to me reports of suicide bombings are down. IED attacks down.

Why is it we don't hear of the good stuff I wonder?

Why don't we hear about things like this happening:

I know good and well why we don't see images like this from Iraq. And so do you.

Take this one and pass it on. Don't let the media's unbiased (and yes, I have to spit when I say that) reporting stop this story. Despite what we don't hear from the media, our troops are doing great things. Don't let that story go untold.
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