16 July 2007

Lady Bird buried next to LBJ

I never had the pleasure of meeting Lady Bird, but if the children are a reflection of the mother, then she was surely a very nice person. I did have the pleasure of flying from Dallas to D.C. on occasion, and in one instance was seated next to Linda Johnson Robb, Lady Bird's daughter. We struck up a conversation, and discussed her husband's politics (just a little). I was reading a Stephen King book at the time, and she inquired about it. Trying to be polite, I asked what she was reading. I think the title of the book was "Leaves of Grey" or somesuch, a book about menopause.

Smooth, JR. Really smooth.

She was very gracious, didn't miss a beat, and put me at ease. Of course, I mentally punched myself about a dozen times, but she was really cool about it.

I told her that we really liked her mom in Texas.
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