19 July 2007

Great Letter to the Editor

I found this letter to the editor quite amusing.
Incident will likely trigger more calls for gun control"

After Monday’s attempt by an obviously deranged man to enter the state Capitol on a self-described mission to take over state government, I feel it is about time something be done to better protect the people of this great land (“Armed man killed at state Capitol,” The Gazette, July 17).

According to reports, the man entered a clothing store, rented a tuxedo and then went to the Capitol with a gun and knife. Fortunately, a state patrolman took appropriate action.

State lawmakers must immediately place a cooling off period on the rental of tuxedos. Why should the deranged and armed be allowed to dress better than the rest of us? I know many out there will say if we outlaw tuxedos, then only outlaws will wear tuxedos. They will also say that tuxedos don’t kill people; well-dressed dandies kill people. I, however, disagree.

For evidence that this will work, let’s look at gun-control efforts in this country. During the assault weapons ban no one was killed with an assault rifle in this country. And efforts in many major cities to outlaw handguns have removed these weapons from the hands of criminals.

Oh, wait. Now I remember. Those efforts were futile and actually counterproductive. Nevertheless, I know some well-intentioned legislator will call for tighter controls in Colorado. As always, these efforts will be just as effective as banning the rental of tuxedos.

Ken Cluck
Colorado Springs
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