25 January 2007

Now isn't that ironic?

Don't know about you, but personally I found it incredibly ironic that on the same day that Barack Obama told us all about having Universal Health Care within 6 years, Ford Motor Company posted its largest loss of all time. The tag line is that FoMoCo did so poorly because they make "gas guzzling SUVs and trucks", but if you read between the lines you'll find out why they're hurting so bad.

Obama and the rest of the Democrat candidates want to give all of us average Joes the same kind of medical benefits that have run Ford and the other American car giants into the ground.

How much do you or I have to pay to get heart work done? This GM worker paid not one penny of his $160,000 heart surgery. Not. One. Cent. As a result of these cradle to grave policies, GM, Ford, and most likely the other American car companies are phasing out their medical care, as you can see in these older articles.

Those Democrats. You gotta give it to them; they have a great sense of timing.

Too bad we're the only ones pointing it out.
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