09 May 2005

Florida boosts gun rights, igniting a debate

Ah, the Christian Science Monitor. THE news outlet for a cult. They were basically benign, as far as I'm concerned, until this article. I always thought their politics were liberal, but this tears it.
When 16-year-old Mark Drewes knocked on a neighbor's door in Boca Raton, Fla., and then ran away as a prank, he was shot dead by homeowner Jay Levin. Mr. Levin, who said afterward that he mistook the boy for a robber out to attack him, was sentenced to 52 weekends in jail for manslaughter.
Now, 18 months later [emphasis mine--jr], the state has enacted a law that opponents fear will only encourage more gun owners like Levin to adopt a "shoot first, think later" approach - and this time get away without punishment. But others see the new measure, which allows people to meet "force with force" in public places without fear of punishment, as a vital way for people to protect their homes and families.
We've been down this road before on this blog. Back in the day (18 years ago), when concealed carry was passed in Florida, anti-gunners predicted "blood in the streets." Now that you don't have to retreat from being attacked, they're predicting OK Corral scenarios.

Give it up, people. This argument is just as lame as the ones you used 18 years ago. As for the kid above, well, that sucks. No doubt about it. But it's got not one damned thing to do with this law. It's just anti-gunners dancing in the blood of innocents. In case you've not yet noticed, it's one of their favorite tactics, and it's just as distasteful as it sounds.
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