14 July 2009

So it's come to this

If you are a Republican, then you're obviously white, from the south and a racist.

Sessions is the personification of a party with an overwhelmingly white, Southern, religious membership.
Some observers considered racial bias too sensitive a topic for Sessions and the panel's six other Republicans - all white men - to confront.
Right. We have a liberal activist judge who has been overturned by the Supreme Court more than half the time her cases have wound up before the court. We have a liberal activist judge who has stated on multiple occasions that a hispanic woman can make better decisions than a white man.

But to question her legal mind, or her past statements makes you a racist. Ain't that grand?

I wish they would just end the farce that these hearings have become and vote the woman on the court. Stop insulting my intelligence by telling me that 2+2 = 5, and for me to say it equals 4 only makes ME the idiot. Stop insulting my intelligence by trying to make me believe the Senate will act in any impartial manner when it comes to putting this woman on the Supreme Court. Stop insulting my intelligence by making me watch the joke that our government has become and just put her on the court and be done with it.

Frankly, she's replacing a liberal activist judge as it is so we are not losing any votes on the court; the only thing we are losing is our self respect as a nation of laws - and that's happened a long time ago.

There are more important matters at stake, like the Obama administration rigging the next census to the point that the Democrats never lose control of the Congress. We've got two wars going on, Iran chasing the nuclear genie, North Korea building (and launching) missiles, the ongoing economic issues and instead of focusing on those issues, we are forced to suffer through these ridiculous hearings that are being ramrodded down our throats by a Democrat Party in lust with their power. We're getting a tax and cap bill that's going to further destroy our economy, but save the whales! We're going to get a medical overhaul that will do nothing to help the sick, but will also add to the destruction of our economy. And oh hey, lest I forget, we have a local north Texas Congressman who wants to fix the BCS system so that we have a clear national champion in college football! I would love to think that the Congress would do something useful for a change but I guess that's likely asking too much at this point.

Why is it that I keep getting the image of Nero fiddling away while Rome burned?
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