15 July 2009


I thought the messiah said he did not want to run car companies?
"I don't want to run auto companies, and I don't want to run banks," Mr. Obama said. "I've got two wars I've got to run already--I've got more than enough to do."
Or at least that's what the chosen one said back in April.

However, as we've seen, you can't trust a single thing that comes out of his mouth. Because today, the TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) made POTUS say that he:
“strongly opposes” an effort in Congress to require General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC to restore relationships shed during bankruptcy proceedings, while stopping short of a veto threat.
So, are you telling me that the car companies, 61% owned by the government are going to go against Obama's wishes? Yeah, right.

Like I said. Not a day goes by that I wonder what planet I'm living on.
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