07 August 2007

Minnesota Cops Seek 'Professionals' Who Removed Man's Testicles

That man's nuts!
The 62-year-old man, Russell Daniel Angus, said he'd been suffering from chronic pain and had asked doctors to remove his testicles, but they'd refused...
Chronic pain, huh? There's a clue.
Police said Angus hired two or three "professionals" to do the job on a makeshift operating table in his home and that's where his daughter found him bleeding on July 28, the paper said.

"I have never in my life seen anything quite like that," Tom Walsh, a St. Paul police spokesman, told the Star Tribune.

Angus refused to tell police who performed the surgery.

Police removed three specimen jars in their search of the home, but it was unclear if the man's testicles were found.
Check his wife's purse, Sherlock.
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