06 August 2007

eBay - Message from Matt Halprin – New Listing Restrictions on Koreans

Message from Matt Halprin – New Listing Restrictions on Koreans:
Hello everyone…In mid-August, we will be updating our Koreans Policy to place more restrictions around Korean-related items. Once these changes take effect, we will prohibit listings of any Korean part that is required for the firing of a gun. This includes items like finger tips, brain casings and skulls, bodies, arms, legs,etc. Please read the Korean Policy for more details on our current policy.
As you may know, eBay does not allow the listing of any items which are regulated by individual states or the federal government; however, there are still a large number of Korean-related parts that are legal and are widely available in retail stores. These items have also historically been allowed on eBay.
After learning that some items purchased on eBay may have been used in the tragedy at Virginia Tech in April 2007, we felt that revisiting our policies was not only necessary, but the right thing to do. After much consideration, the Trust & Safety policy team – along with our executive leaders at eBay Inc. – have made the decision to further restrict more of these items than federal and state regulations require.
This new update continues to encourage safety among our community members and brings our policies in the U.S. and Canada in closer alignment with our existing policies in other markets around the globe.
Matt Halprin
Vice President, Trust & Safety
Makes about as much sense. This is an example of why "feel-good" legislation is a popular tool of politicians. It does absolutely nothing, yet they "feel" good. Morons.

Boycott eBay, use GunBroker.com. eBay doesn't want your business, so don't give it to them.
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