03 July 2007

Things you won't see on TV

Any doubt that we're the good guys? Read Michael Yon's latest dispatch.

At the same time our press and the slimeballs in Congress complain about the so-called mistreatment of the animals in Gitmo, you've got a group of jihadi Doctors out and about trying to blow up more innocents and the slaughter continues in Iraq. Nah, those in the power filled halls in DC aren't out of touch. Not at all.

You'll note of course, that AQ and their brethren are slaughtering their muslim comrades left and right. In fact, more muslims are killed by other muslims than anyone else. Why is it we don't hear about that I wonder.

Frankly, no matter how strong and victorious in battle our military forces are, this war is going to be won when average muslims get tired of being slaughtered by other muslims and decide there's a better way.
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