04 July 2007

Local CHL holder stops robbery in its tracks

Sounds like someone deserves an atta-boy!

A group of robbers hit a grocery store and a lady inside calls her husband, who's outside - and who happens to hold a CHL.

Said husband comes in, confronts the three turds and shoots one of them in the ass.

What do the Police say, to the law abiding fellow who was protecting his wife?

We certainly don't encourage that," said Lt. J.D. McCarthy with the Fort Worth Police Department. "We ask that, most of the time, contact the police department and let patrol officers handle those situations."
Yes, heaven forbid a law abiding citizen take the necessary steps to protect himself from the criminal element in our midst. The problem, Lieutenant, is that THERE WEREN'T ANY FREAKING POLICE OFFICERS HANDY AT THAT MOMENT IN TIME! What in the bloody hell would you like us to do? Lay down and hope that the robbery doesn't turn into a shooting?

Herein lies the fallacy of the police protecting the law abiding citizens. The police do an outstanding job of deterring crime WHEN THEY ARE PRESENT! The police do a rather poor job of deterring crime when they're not around.

Sounds to me like someone deserves a commendation from the Fort Worth police department for making their job quite a bit easier. Chances are, that without this law abiding citizen stepping in, the robbers would have, at the least, made off with a tidy sum of loot. At worst, he stopped someone from getting killed, raped, or beat up.

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