06 July 2007

Semi Random thoughts from this week

Maybe not so random after all.

3 news articles caught my attention this week, all dealing with some aspect of the ongoing war against the islamo-terrorists...

First off, ABC news should once again, be banned from any further news conferences hosted by either the White House or the Pentagon. Their complete and total lack of moral direction is clearly displayed in this story where they go to the trouble of sharing with the world why the bombs in London did not detonate as planned. Wanna bet the terrorists don't have the same problem in the future? What a bunch of complete and total idiots. I don't give a rat's ass if the information was declassified or not. Show some freaking common sense.

The crybabies at CAIR are at it again. Seems that they really don't have any appreciation for the truth, or as they say, the truth really does hurt, doesn't it. Anyone who can argue the point that radical islam is not a spreading cancer, I'd love to hear your logic.

And finally, I'll leave you with a bit of humor. It would seem that this fellow is my kind of guy. Anyone who would kick a burning terrorist in the nuts hard enough to damage a tendon in his foot deserves a pint or two on me.
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