22 August 2005

More on Cindy

I've decided that one of my missions in life is going to be to get the word out on Cindy Sheehan, grieving mother turned anti-war hero.

Upon surfing the web prior to my visit to Camp Sheehan (I refuse to call the camp "Camp Casey". Casey Sheehan died a hero in the service of his country. His mother is doing nothing but dishonoring his legacy), I came across a brand new anti war organization, Gold Star Mothers Against the War. Cindy of course, is one of the founding members. Never mind the fact that she has taken one of our country's most sacred symbols - the gold star used to identify that your family had suffered a loss in WWII - and turned it into an anti-war propaganda symbol. Again, nice touch Cindy.

On their website, http://www.gsfp.org/ , Cindy has a rambling column entitled “A lie of historic proportions.” As Sun Tzu has told us, know your enemy. I encourage you to read her article for yourself.

All of it.

If it doesn’t become quite clear to you just what she stands for, there’s something wrong with you.

The first few paragraphs detail in her opinion, that we went to war because Saddamm is a bad man.

“After all of the hand-shaking and weapon brokering, when did Saddam become such a bad guy to Bush, Cheney, Halliburton and Co.? “

Ok, for starters, Saddamm became someone we had to remove from power after 9/11. Secondly, you see the old tired and usual ritual explanation that we went to war to make Halliburton rich. I’m sure Cindy realizes there are but two companies in the entire world that conduct operations on the scale that is needed in Iraq. One of them is Halliburton. The other one is a French company. Needless to say, after the manner in which our ’friends’ the French have been treating us, we weren’t going with the frogs.

The next thing that you will notice is that nowhere in the entire rambling article will you find any reference at all to the fact that the Islamic fascists have done anything to bring the war to them. Not a peep. It’s almost as if the United States just woke up one morning and decided that we’d start bombing the crap out of some third world country.

Pulled right from the pages of Mikey Moore’s website, Cindy brings up WMD’s rather in passing:

“We also know that Iraq was not about WMD’s. They weren’t there and they weren’t going to be there for at least a decade, by all reports.”

Let’s take this at face value. Let’s say Saddamm didn’t have WMD’s or the capability to manufacture them. And let’s say we didn’t go to war in Iraq and he was still in power. A decade down the road, what do you think the world would be like with a nuclear Iraq, actively supporting terrorism around the world? What do you think THAT war would look like Ms. Sheehan? Or, do you think good ole Saddamm would accept your offers for food and not war?

Cindy completely discounts the argument that bringing a semblance of democracy to Iraq is a good thing:

“The Lie of Historic Proportions also cost me my peace of mind, I do not feel free and I do not feel like I live in a democracy.”

I wonder if she voted? And, for the record Cindy, we live in a Republic. This is the state of liberalism today. If you say what they want, then you’re a supporter of free speech. If you make actions that they support, then we’re living in the greatest country in the world, and if you choose to make actions that they do not support, then we’re all living in Nazi Germany. You can’t have it both ways folks. You can’t compare the treatment of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghrab with western prisoners getting their heads hacked off. You can’t sit there and complain about people attacking you when all they are doing is using you own words and actions. That’s not attacking. That’s debating. Speaking of debate, the pro-Bushies in Crawford invited the Peace House to a public debate. And you know what? The Peace House turned it down, stating that they had no interest in debating someone who’s opinions were different than their own.

She tells us that we’re really not fighting a war on terror in Iraq:

“One of the other great deceits that is being perpetuated on the American public and the world is that this occupation is to fight terrorism: If we don’t fight terrorism in Iraq then we will have to fight it “on our streets.” In fact, terrorist attacks have skyrocketed in Iraq and all over the world.”

Actually, I think this is one of the more brilliant aspects of the War on Terror. Terrorists are flocking to Iraq in droves to fight the infidel. And they are being slaughtered like the lambs they are. If you think that this is not a GOOD THING, maybe we should question just whose side you’re on.

She goes on to essentially call Bush and the United States government terrorists and criminals. I wonder if she realizes that by doing this, she is also calling her own son a criminal and a terrorist? And if she thinks she is not, then maybe she should talk to the vets across the street from her little protest. They seem to be under the impression that Cindy is calling all of them war criminals. I think that we have long since passed the time when we could say that Cindy was acting naively or unknowingly. She knows what she is doing and if you think that our enemies are not buoyed by her comments, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that I’ll sell you.

As I write this, I can’t help but recall some of the signs on display at Camp Sheehan. The one that stated “Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam” keeps popping into my brain. Are these people really saying that they would like to see the United States humiliated and leave Iraq? Are these people really saying that they would like to see almost 60,000 of our troops killed? Are these people really saying that they would like to see an America whose influence is weakened in the world? Are they saying that they want to see millions of people killed when we leave Iraq? Are they saying that they wish for a day when our politicians ran the war, and not our generals? Or, are they just wishing for the good ole days when the hippies and anti’s were able to sway public opinion and wielded considerable power in our country? Regardless of their rationality or reasoning, these people must be stopped, and stopped now. Write your congressmen. Write your Senators, and write your local news stations. Tell them that you don’t support the actions of a few dirty hippies and that the President has your support.

I’m going to stay on top of this one. I think that as DC pointed out, we are not just fighing a war in Iraq. We are fighting a war here as well. Whose side are you on?
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