24 August 2005

It All Goes Back to Casey

So, it all goes back to Casey, huh? Then I wonder why, in this expose by Arianna, that Casey is not even mentioned? Nothing about his service, nothing about his death at the hands of terrorists in Iraq - or should I call them “freedom fighters” as Cindy does? If this whole thing is about Casey, why is that we've seen so few pictures of him? Why is it that we've read so little about his life? Or the life of his comrades who were killed with him? This is about Cindy, and her conscription at the hands of the antis, and it's really that simple.

Arianna spends some time criticizing the still in draft form Iraqi Constitution. I can’t help but think that the lefties have misunderestimated GW once again, but it should be interesting to watch as history unfolds before our eyes. Either way, it’s still too early to make an informed comment on, but I’m sure when the dust clears we’ll have something to report. For a little bit of perspective, why don't you in the media check on how long it took US to come up with our Constitution. If I remember my history correctly, it took much longer than 6 months.

Once again, the trend continues. If you question the leftists kooks and ask them to clarify statements they’ve made in the past or ask them to clarify the ties that they have to extremist groups then you’re smearing them. I think that the left was so used to not ever having to debate for the last 40 years they don’t know how.

For example:

"Cindy Sheehan returns to Crawford as the smear machine has moved into overdrive. Its talking points are now in the mouths of supposedly neutral anchors. Example: Norah O'Donnell subbing for Chris Matthews, on Hardball, referred to those at Camp Casey as "anti-war extremists."

Um, Arianna, I’ve been to Camp Cindy. (I think that’s an even better name than Camp Sheehan as I’ve been referring to the hippies in the ditch), and I don’t know what planet you live on dahling, but if those weren’t anti-war extremists maybe you should adjust your bifocals. People who post signs showing the battered, torn, and bloody remains of small children are not what I would call moderates, dahling.
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