23 August 2005

Ben and Jerry's founder pays for PR firm for mother of fallen son

Dang it. What's that tree-hugging dirty hippie doing in my ice cream? I really, really like Cherry Garcia, but haven't had any in a year or so (watching my schoolboy figure, ya know). Nonetheless, it's pretty much it when it comes to fat-filled, sinful indulgence. But this really frosts my cake:
The PR firm working for Cindy Sheehan as she protests outside President Bush's ranch in Texas campaigning over the death of her son killed in Iraq has been paid for by Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
70 Gs. 70K. $70,000. So far. Wonder where all those nice, professional-looking signs and flags came from? Wonder who organized the shuttle buses and porta-potties?

Yeah, this is a real grassroots effort, alright. And I'm the Pope on weekends and holidays.

Boycotting's WAY too good for 'em. Any suggestions on how we might be able to get the word out on who's financing this bunch of America-hating neo-hippie liberal mouth-breathers?

Props to Dubiously D for the link.
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