23 August 2005

Know your enemy

The war rages on.

Doing some research on the Crawford Peace House and those who support them, I surfed onto the Dallas Peace Center. Called the "oldest and largest peace and justice organization in North Texas." Their mission "is based on a vision of reconciliation: to promote education, dialogue and action for peace and justice."

Man, just reading that alone makes me want to go sip a latte and go hug a tree.

Digging through the archives of their "Dallas Peace Times", I came across this entertaining story.

Firing the imagination with Peace Minutes
by Brynne Sissom


Now, Mr. Sissom explains in some detail just what a "peace minute" is: "I have been constructing my project called Peace Minutes over the last year. Peace Minutes is a series of short radio spots written on the subject of peace."

Ok, radio spots on the subject of peace. Great. And let's take a look at that first spot, shall we? I mean, there's plenty of "peace" stuff to write about:

Terrorists assassinating American prisoners;
Terrorists blowing up school kids in Chechnya;
Terrorists blowing up things in Australia;
Terrorists hacking the heads of hostages; etc etc etc. Lots to choose from.

And what does the first "peace minute" focus on??

Wait for it

Global Warming!! That's right dear readers, Global Warming is now a topic of peace:

"During hurricane season this past autumn, employees of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Administration, spoke candidly of the potential of a hurricane with the fury of Andrew to result in the death of tens of thousands in the event it were to strike New Orleans. In the aftermath of 9/11, the administration was criticized for not taking appropriate action based on advance knowledge that a threat existed. In the case of global warming, the threat is apparent, so where is the action?"

So, if there is any doubt in your mind on who is supporting Ms. Sheehan's efforts in Crawford, give the Dallas Peace House a read. I continue to find them to be most enlightening. Prominently displayed on the front page of their website is an upcoming lecture series (actually, one of which has already happened. The title of their lecture series will be sure to entertain you:

Terrorism: Theirs and Ours

So, the United States is a terrorist nation? Do I really need to say anything?

Session 1:

August 17, 7:00 p.m.: Israel’s New War?
Center for Community Cooperation
2900 Live Oak St.
"An investigation of Israeli right-wing extremists who are girding for battle to stop Ariel Sharon’s plan to withdraw from Gaza."

And, you just have to love this one. Those right wing extremists sure weren’t very good at stopping Ariel Sharon’s plan to get out of Gaza, were they?

They are not on our side, people.
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