03 March 2005

OpinionEditorials.com - The Gun Ban Du jour - Holmes

This guy is funny. He's taking the current vogue in gun-banning (.50 cal rifles) on, and poking holes in their pretzel logic:
But wait, liberals cry. Just because these guns have never been used to commit a crime or terrorist act doesn't mean we shouldn't ban them.
Taking the next logical step:
Next up for the Illinois General Assembly is a ban on turkey sandwiches for the same reason. Sure, nobody has actually been bludgeoned to death with a turkey sandwich, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. They might also want to consider banning the pen I'm using to write this column, because I'm seriously considering gouging my eyes out with it.
Here's what I like most, though: he calls the gun-grabbers out for the frauds they are.
Just like with any other anti-gun bill, safety is not the goal of these liberals. Like always, the only people affected by this bill would be those who attempt to purchase firearms legally.

Which continues to beg the same question: Why are liberals so afraid of law-abiding, heat-packing Americans?
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