01 March 2005

AP Wire | 03/01/2005 | Gun-law questions raised in Texas shooting

As usual, MORONS! What a bunch of mindless drivel.
Where to begin???
Wilson's actions have drawn hearty praise from gun advocates who say he probably saved more lives than just Arroyo's son. But gun control groups say Wilson's death proves that carrying a gun increases a person's chances of getting killed.
Ok, so, carrying a gun increased the chance of Arroyo's wife getting killed, right? Of his son getting shot, right? This is one of the biggest myths the gun control freaks tout. Let's do the math. If you don't own a gun, what's the chance that you're going to shoot yourself with a gun that you don't own? It ranks right up there with their bullshit claims that guns are the 3rd leading cause of death to teenagers. Ok, again, let's do the math. What are teens dieing from? Cancer? Heart attacks? Lung disease? Chances are very good that Mr. Wilson stopped other innnocents from being shot at. Chances are Mr. Arroyo decided to get the hell out of Dodge after people started shooting back at him.

This next one is classic. Especially if you've spent ANY time on the firing line with police officers.
We don't want citizens to go out there and get involved in situations if they don't have to because they don't have the training that the officers do," he (Martin) said.
Here's a dirty little secret boys and girls. MOST, not all, but MOST police officers receive little, if any training on how to shoot. MOST, not all, police officers NEVER practice. MOST, not all, police officers couldn't hit the side of a barn if they had to. So saying that a CHL holder doesn't have the training that a police officer does is totally and completely asinine. God bless em, but the facts are that most cops do not feel the urge to get out and train and improve their shooting because chances are they will never have to use their weapon during the course of their career.

And from the mouth of one of the anti-gun KOOKs:
"Eric Howard, a spokesman for the Washington, D.C.-based Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence, said guns like Arroyo's are the weapons of choice for many criminals. "These are military-style weapons that pose a significant risk to civilians and the police officers trying to protect the public," he said."
Cars pose a signifigant risk. Gravity poses a signifigant risk. AK's do not pose a signifigant risk. Sorry. We've now had two shootings involving AK's in the last few weeks. Over 100 rounds expended. Two people killed. A handful wounded. Tell me how many people were killed by Chevys in the past week. Tell me how many people were killed falling down the stairs in the past week.

In a trained shooter's hands, you betcha. AKs, ARs and the like do pose a risk to the people being aimed at. But again, the simple fact is that the overwhelming majority of people who handle those weapons haven't a clue, and the biggest risk you face is losing your hearing.

In conclusion, this sums it up perfectly. Couldn't have said it better myself:
"But Texas General Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who also chairs the pro-gun rights group Civil Liberties Defense Foundation, said the military appearance of Arroyo's gun did not make it more lethal than others.
"If he'd have used a Remington semiautomatic deer rifle, the same outcome would have resulted," he said."
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