02 March 2005

Buying an AK

The recent shooting in Tyler prompted me to action. I have for some time now believed that a pistol is a good tool for you to use to get your way back to your carbine, which you never really should have left in the first place. As shown previously, I have a wonderful AR carbine, with an A3 flattop upper, EOTech sight, fore grip, and surefire light mounted on it. She rocks. From time to time I would carry the AR in the car (like when the color code system for terrorism would spike up). The one major thing keeping me from carrying the AR in the car all the time was that if by chance my car were broken in to, I would be out $1400 really quick. And I couldn't replace the weapon promptly.

This past weekend, I decided the answer would be to pick up an AK-47. I went trolling at the Market Hall gun show, and sold off a shotgun that had been sitting in the closet collecting dust, and the upper that JR and I swapped out. I neatly pocketed the $400 and commenced to shopping. There were several pre ban models out that had a muzzle break and bayonet lug, but the cheapest you could find them for was about $370 including TT&L. I found a post ban, which didn't have the bayonet lug or the muzzle break (big stinking deal!) but did have the standard stock set for $299. I think it was $317 with TT&L. I waited on the insta check - all of 5 minutes, and then picked up a couple more 30 round mags and 500 rounds of ammo, and still had money left over from my original $400.

This is the first time in a few years I've purchased a weapon new and had to wait on the insta check. For the record - this is the way the insta check SHOULD work. I give em my pertinent information, Drivers License # etc and they run me through the database and I'm cleared. No muss, no fuss. And more importantly, no wait. I've never been one to worry about leaving paperwork around for the government - if "they" really wanted to get me, then I'm sure "they" wouldn't let the facts get in the way and I'd be hosed no matter what I did or did not have.

Now, as to why I chose an AK:
1. reliabilty
2. durabilty
3. ammo is cheap and plentiful
4. I will practically never have to clean it or take care of it
5. if it gets stolen, I'm out $300 and not $1400
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