01 March 2005

Marsha McCartney is a Moron

Marsha McCartney is the co-president of the Dallas Million Mom March. She is also a moron. In a single swath cut through the Dallas Morning News, she has danced in the blood of the innocent, called Texas CHL holders criminals, and made up fanciful tales about the capabilities of a semiautomatic rifle. It appears to be her estimation that all guns are bad, but AK-47-looking rifles are the worst. She's more concerned about where Mark Wilson's missed shots might have gone, rather than why he sacrificed his own life protecting someone he didn't even know. I assume that police officer bullets are smarter than Wilson's and knew where to land safely. She apparently had no issue with LEOs firing at the bad guy.

I looked this woman up. Here's how she got into the MMM:
Marsha, mother of two grown children who attends First UMC, Coppell, learned about Million Mom while watching the Rosie O’Donnell TV show one day. O’Donnell was a big supporter of the organization’s first march on Washington, D.C., in May of 2000, at which 750,000 supporters from across the nation gathered.
Puh-lease. A former soccer mommy who apparently doesn't have a hobby.

Marsha, it's a hard old world out there. Sometimes, bad people do bad things. I would much rather have the likes of Mark Wilson around than some shrill harpy like yourself when the bad stuff goes down.

Marsha, by any chance were you the same idiot that wrote complaining about that picture of the soldier smoking a cigarette?
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