04 October 2009

War? What war?

While Obama, Michelle and the Oprah were busy hobnobbing (to no avail) with the IOC, the chosen one found a little time to finally meet with his general on the ground in Afghanistan.

Official word from the White House, though, is that no decision about the war in Afghanistan has been made, but they did manage to achieve
a consensus to hold more meetings, up to five, including two next week. The president will take "the next several weeks to review our strategy," Mr. Gibbs said.
This is what happens when liberal Democrats run the country's foreign policy. Meetings. And never mind the fact that for over a month now, there has been a call for more troops on the ground by the man running the show in Afghanistan.
In the past month, the president has found the time to play golf - four times. He's had links legend Arnold Palmer and other top golfers over to the White House. He's shot some hoops with friends and yukked it up with hockey's Pittsburgh Penguins.
He's celebrated Ramadan at the White House, eulogized newsman Walter Cronkite in New York City, attended several fundraisers (including Thursday afternoon's luncheon), appeared on David Letterman's late-night show (one of eight interviews), delivered two speeches to AFL-CIO rallies and dropped by the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial for a visit with his wife and daughters.
And instead of spending time figuring out how to defend this country, the chosen one has been sidelined with some very important tasks, like nominating
Carolyn W. Colvin to be deputy commissioner of Social Security. He picked Paul K. Martin to be inspector general of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He issued an executive order demanding federal workers stop texting while driving government vehicles.
Yes, texting while driving has reached a more important part of the president's day than making decisions over a war that he campaigned on:
Democrat Obama declared that the failed policy in Iraq -- which he argued was never the central front in the war on terror -- has distracted attention from the growing terrorist threat in Afghanistan and proves the need to withdraw from Iraq. "If another attack on our homeland comes, it will likely come from the same region where 9/11 was planned," he said in a speech in Washington. "And yet today, we have five times more troops in Iraq than Afghanistan."
So, I guess since the surge won the war in Iraq, the distraction Obama mentioned during the campaign is gone.... And now we find ourselves distracted by texting while driving. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

I believe that this is really the reason why the previous worst president in American history has been out there talking all kind of smack about how racist the country is and getting everyone worked up. He knows that the worse it gets for Obama, the better chances there are that he'll be relegated to the 2nd worst president in American history - less than a year into Obama's term, I think it's already safe to say that Carter's no longer the worst president we've seen in our lifetimes. And contrary to Carter's idiocy, Obama's pathetic behavior and America's reaction to it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Rather, it's that Americans tend to not suffer fools very well and Obama and his corrupt cronies are proving themselves to be quite the fool.
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