06 October 2009

Come and take it

What you see here in the video, dear readers, are Chavezista thugs stealing a family farm in the name of redistribution. Chavez, mind you, and Obama are both reading from the same book.

VIDEO: Venezuelan farm stolen by Chavez

A group of red shirt-wearing Chavista thugs show up at a farm and seize the farm in the name of the government, under the pretext that the 103 hectare farm is “idle land” and that the law allows them to take it over for “food production.”

The farmer protests politely, explaining that he’s been raising cattle on his farm for 23 years. He is rebuffed by another guy, who says, “this is not going to be a debate; this is a public act approved by the Venezuelan people. I’m governor and I’m here to ensure public order. There won’t be a debate, I ask you to listen to the document, after which the public will take charge of the land.”

When the farmer’s wife protests, he tells her to discuss it in court.

Chavez controls the judiciary.

The farmer is told to sign the form, and then to gather the animals so they can be accounted for.

I will also point out, dear readers, that this tragedy would have been averted with a coupla guys armed to the teeth. But, oh, wait.... Chavez has made it nearly impossible for private citizens to legally own firearms. A few well placed .223 or .308 rounds would have made all the difference in this little encounter.....

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