29 September 2009

C'est la vie

You know it's bad when the French are upset with the lack of resolve from an American president.
President Sarkozy .... had been "frustrated" for months about Mr. Obama's reluctance to confront Iran, a senior French government official told us, and saw an opportunity to change momentum. [at the United Nations] But the Administration told the French that it didn't want to "spoil the image of success" for Mr. Obama's debut at the U.N. and his homily calling for a world without nuclear weapons, according to the Paris daily Le Monde. So the Iran bombshell was pushed back a day to Pittsburgh, where the G-20 were meeting to discuss economic policy.
Ahhhh. The image of success. We're not about actual success, and are more concerned with the image. Nice.

Once again, there's not a day that goes by that in some way I wonder just what the hell has happened to my country.
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