06 April 2009

Texas Legislature mulls bill to allow concealed handguns on college campuses - SMUDailyCampus.com

Submitted for your consideration: the pussification of the college student, proliferated by the liberal college newspaper and the likewise predictable college professor.
Professor Rick Halperin said he was most concerned with the educational classroom environment for students.

"Classrooms are not a place people should live in fear of deranged classmates breaking in and shooting or even their fellow classmates holding weapons on them," Halperin said. "Classrooms are not target ranges."
Here's the problem: liberal college professor is scared of guns. It then (il)logically follows that guns are bad. People who have guns, by extension, are also bad.

It makes my head hurt to have to reiterate, but here it goes. Again.

The facts about concealed handgun licensees: they're educated regarding concealed carry laws, and they're carrying handguns LEGALLY, with full knowledge of the consequences of doing otherwise. They are fingerprinted and on file with the State and Federal government. They're held to a higher standard by law enforcement by virtue of this. They're law-abiding citizens who are capable of defending themselves. In short, they are the least likely members of society to risk incarceration by acting irresponsibly with a firearm.

Criminals disregard laws - that's pretty much the definition of "criminal." The lunatic at Virginia Tech was a criminal. He was not deterred by a no-gun policy on campus. Quite the contrary, in fact - it's what allowed him to conduct his insane rampage. The police arrived too late, because they can't be everywhere. Who's ultimately responsible for your safety? That's right - you, and nobody else.

The anti-gun logic? Ooh - that's an oxymoron. Let's just appeal to emotion, because, well - guns are scary. Don't take responsibility for protecting yourself? Goodness, I hope you don't have one of those dangerous fire extinguishers in your homes. In the wrong hands, they can put an eye out.

I earnestly loathe those who would try to convince you that your safety lies in the hands of someone else. It's disingenuous at best, and downright criminal at the worst.
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