10 April 2009

Setting the tone

So we've got a hostage situation off the coast of Somalia. An American flagged ship was attacked and boarded by pirates, something that has been a rarity in the past.

However, I can promise you those days are over. For you see, dear readers, the Obama administration's refusal to do anything but "monitor" the situation is telling other folks who might be inclined to hurt American interests that it's a freebie.

Think about it. We have a lifeboat without power, floating in the sea. Nearby is an American Man-O-war - the destroyer USS Bainbridge - "observing".

You basically have an unarmed lifeboat holding off one of the most powerful ships in the world in the middle of the ocean. Can someone tell me why?

I'll tell you. It's the same thing we saw from Carter and Clinton when they were in power. We dare not make any agressive movement for fear of hurting someone else's feelings around the world. You should think about that the next time you plan an overseas trip. Because the American government is telling the world that it will not get involved and come to the rescue.

And in the meantime, the American hostage is on his own. He's already tried to swim away, only to be recaptured.

Bill Clinton did the same thing in the same part of the world with the infamous Blackhawk Down. Commanders on the ground called in for armored support and the Clinton administration turned it down. Didn't want to appear too agressive.

And this is only going to be the beginning, because Obama is proving himself to be quite weak, and afraid to take action. The only question left now is how many American lives Obama's inaction will cost us.
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