16 November 2008

Some shooting goodness

Yeah, all doom and gloom make for a boring day! So, I present you some shooting goodness.

First up, just playing around with the GSG-5. 6 shots in well under a second.

Next, I bring you an eviel (in my best Obi-wan voice) AR-15. Bill Drill - 5 rounds on target at about 10 yards. Again, in under a second.

And, for those of you curious abuot just what an Open gun is, and what's the deal with the comp and all that other stuff, I present you my new Open blaster. Note the lack of any muzzle flip...

For compare and contrast, here's JR's SV Limited gun. JR's got a good grip on the pistol but there's still a bit of muzzle flip, especially compared to the Open blaster.

There, I feel better already. How 'bout you?
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